Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let's do the Totem Warp again! darling shaman Rhommel is finally in Northrend! I know I haven't been posting much but it's because I've been busy with writing papers for school, looking for a job, and leveling Rhommel. Leveling in Outlands was fun and pretty easy but the LFD tool kind of sucked. I say this because it kept placing me in lower level instances like Ramps and Slave Pens, even though I was 67 and was eligible for higher level instances. I suppose there are more lowbie groups running ramps and sp then there are groups running the other instances.

I tried to move as fast as I could through the levels so I could hit up the even greater wonder that is NORTHREND! While leveling though I kept remembering the first time I quested in certain zones or did certain chain quests or pvp'ed in certain spots. While there is nothing like the first time you enter Hellfire and go whoa when you see the giant battle in front of the portal or the first time you get your flying skill and spend hours flying around to see if you can explore all of outland just for the fun of it. Leveling my shaman with all the restrictions I've placed on him seems to be close to the fun I had the first time I leveled in these zones.

I remember when they first started added the caverns of time instance area to vanilla wow, a few friends and I went exploring down there and we were awestruck at how awesome it looked. We kept pointing things out to each other like the half ship in the wall or the homes merged with the floor. I am sure that when cataclysm gets closer to being released we may see some new stuff being added to the world like this but I don't know if it can compare to that.

I am really looking forward to the new re-imagined Azeroth but I am a little sad that some of the zones that I spent so much time questing, pvping, and even dying in are going to be changed to something different. Southshore no longer being around is a prime example of this. I remember having pvp raids on TM that lasted for hours in the original game and in BC I led an all warlock raid on TM yet again which was followed with a less successful raid on UC. Knowing that SS will no longer be there to defend or launch attacks from is kind of sadface inducing. I plan on leveling a worgen rogue and a dwarf shaman so I will get to see the new zones while leveling so hopefully they won't disappoint.

Hmmm it seems that I have rambled a little off topic. Clearly its time for me to stop writing this post. I'll do my best to update a little more often now that I'm in Northrend. With any luck(yours, not mine) I'll be able to post some more fail pug moments.

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