Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A decade of shenanigans

*taps mic* this thing still on? Crap it is! Uhmm...hi everyone. I bet you're all wondering where in the hell I have been this whole time! I mean my last post was back in January and since then this place has been deader than a bbq at the Firelands. Well I HAD planned to blog about stuff since than and honestly I did have things I wanted to write about but I didn't because something came up. What came up that could have kept me away from my loving and adoring audience? Well if you've been following me on Twitter, and let's face it most of you have not, you know that in February my wife and I adopted a beautiful baby girl. If you aren't on Twitter and didn't know what was going on, well now you do! I'm not gonna post pictures here because they are all over twitter and you can go there and look at them if you so desire.