Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tidying up the place

As some of you may have noticed I added a few new things to the blog like the about me and faq sections under the banner. Well today I finally joined the millions of people on Twitter. That's right Jed can now be found on Twitter! My Twitter link can be found here as well as on the Twitter gadget on the sidebar. So if you are a blogger on Twitter and are looking to follow a really cool guy...then you should follow someone else BUT if you are bored enough to want to follow me clearly I am powerless to stop it. I am always looking to make my blog more interesting so if any of you awesome readers have any tips please feel free to send them my way.

Well now that the tidying up is done, let's move on to some WoW fun. I can now cross off another item from my bucket list. I am now officially Loremaster Jedem! That's right be in awe of my sheer awesomeness...or pity my sheer stubborness and refusal to give up on getting it done. All I have to say is that Icecrown sucks as a questing zone. Way too many group quests at the end for my tastes but I got lucky and found a guildee who also was trying to finish up the zone for his northrend loremaster so we 2 manned all the group quests. Who needs tanks and heals when you can use MAGE POWAH!? Between his arcane mage and my frost mage we killed things so fast that mobs were still standing after they died because their brains hadnt processed that they were dead already. Was good times and now I am on to the remaining things on the list. I wonder if I could talk the Lich King into just dropping dead at my feet so I can cross that one off? Guess only time will tell.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Drops in the Bucket

So for those of you who have been following my bucket list progress, I have good news to share! I can now cross off another item from the list. The other day my mage picked up his new and sexy tabard from the mailbox. That's right, after many long and boring hours farming for rep and honor I was finally able to get 25 tabards! This makes the second item from my bucket list that I have gotten, with the first being Hail to the Chef.

I am still working on the rest of my list and with any luck loremaster will be the next one I can cross off. I am currently 117/140 quests complete in icecrown and that is the last one that I need to finish. The only problem is that I am reaching the point in icecrown where the remaining quests are all group quests and worse yet, they are phased, which is a huge pain to get a group for. I am also working on getting exalted with 40 factions on my mage as well. I started getting a lot of rep while farming for tabards, mounts, and vanity pets. I am at 34/40 at the moment and it seems that all of my easy faction grinds are out of the way so I am left with some difficult grinds ahead of me. Fun times ahead.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Beta or not To Beta?

First off I want to state that I still don't have a beta key. I know, it's a crime that I have not received one yet. But as I sit at my computer reading and MMO-Champion, I can't help but lust over all the pictures of worgen running around, all the old world flying being done, and of course all the sexy new talents that I have not been able to allowed to interact with. I have to take a moment and seriously ask I really want to play in the Beta?

Do I really want to spoil all the awe inspiring newness that the Cataclysm is sure to bring? Do I really want my first hand impression of cataclysm to be a buggy and incomplete beta? Do I really want to deal with the frustration of the beta client crashing midway through stuff constantly? Do I really want to not experience the joy of downing instances with my guildees?

But...on the other hand all the information coming out of the beta makes it look really amazing and I really, really, really want to try it. Worgen look so awesome and flying in the old world looks so incredible. Seeing all of the new content before anyone else dos would definitely be so cool. Playing around with the new talent trees would also let me get used to them before they go live so I could totally have an advantage over everyone else.

Right now all of this has just been a silent argument in the back of my head but if I get a beta invite...expect some serious back and forth arguments about whether I should do it or not. What would you guys do? Would you beta it up or would you wait for the finished product?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How AoA celebrates!

So my last post was about how we were celebrating our 5th anniversary as a guild and what a long strange and fun journey its been for us. I decided that since it was a celebration that we would have a guild event where we could each express our happiness that our guild has done something that sadly most guilds on our server are never able to do...survive intact for so long. So looking back at the many events that we have done as a guild I picked the funnest event we've hosted which was...the Gnomish Death Race!

What is the Gnomish Death Race you might ask? Well its a Race of Death with Gnomes! Participants roll a level 1 gnome of whatever class and sex that they want and run to the gates of Ironforge. Once all the racers are there the race begins them running through the zone into Loch Modan then hitting the road south through the tunnel through the Searing Gorge and running through Blackrock Mountain and coming out into Burning Steppes and heading south through Redridge and cutting across Elwynn and finally ending up at the finishing line at the gates of Stormwind. Along the way they will of course have to deal with mobs killing them repeatedly as well as other racers kiting mobs into their path. It is a lot of fun and we had 8 or 9 racers I think so you can bet that there were a lot of small gnome skeletons along the race route. My lovely fiance was nice enough to donate 1000 gold as prize money for the top three winners who were Yellowmellow in first, Ninyeave in second, and Maros in third. The last place gnome, Praye, received one copper from me. Much fun was had.

If I can't get any screen shots sent to me from people who participated then I will post them when I get home later tonight. We will probably have more death races in the future maybe with new and interesting race tracks. In the past we've done from Theramore to Gadgetzan and Shattrath to Honor Hold so maybe we will run a track somewhere in Northrend. If I remember maybe I'll even post an announcement here so if people from other realms want to participate or watch the race they can.