Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Continuing Story Adventures

Jumping out the window was the winning choice last week. So here is the fun story you've been waiting for! As always please leave a comment with your choice for next week's adventure and thanks for reading!

The stranger gathered the few things he has brought in with him and walked to the door. He heard noises outside in the hallway which made him pause. “That doesn’t sound like people leaving the inn because of the fire,” he thought to himself. He heard footsteps coming down the hallway to his door and he took a step back and prepared himself. “Whoever it is, they aren’t getting me without a fight.”

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adventure Story Time

It seems that last weeks choose my adventure ended with a tie! Talk to the dwarf and eat dinner tied with 4 votes each so I decided to work both into the story. I think I'll leave the voting open up until Monday morning each week when I'll see which option wins and write the next part. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this weeks story.

We join our story already in progress:

The stranger looked away before the gnome decided to approach him and try to talk. “Where is my blasted drink?” The stranger thought to himself. “All I want to do is have a drink and be left alone. If not for this blasted weather I would be in Stormwind by now.”

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Choose My Adventure!

Ok so I have some free time (read: I am bored as hell at work and want to procrastinate) and I figured that I might as well do something creative since I haven’t done anything truly creative in years. I’ve decided to write a story based in Azeroth and starring the best mage out there: MY mage Jedem. The twist here is that I am going to try out a choose my adventure style for this story. I’ll write something out and at the end of each part, there will be 2-3 options. People can tweet or comment me what they think the choice should be and that’ll be what I write next. I figure this way I’ll get to flex my creative muscles and work with whatever is picked to make an interesting story.

Our story begins as most do: in the midst of a rain storm.