Monday, October 4, 2010

It's about time

So today Blizzard has officially announced that The Cataclysm will launch on the 7th of December...WOOOOOOOOOTS! It's about time that we have heard something official from them about a date. I honestly figured that they would just let us know at Blizzcon as part of their show or something but hey this works too. I know that everyone and their mother had made a guess about when the game would launch and that there were several people who said that blizzard hid clues in the game about when it would launch so having a final date means no more crazies making guesses!

Now this does mean that the 4.0.1 patch will drop soon so everyone has less time to get their achievements done before Azeroth is changed. MMO-Champion is claiming next week, which if true will give me a week before I have to relearn how to play my classes. This means that I am going to be farming the living daylights out of ZG for rep and a chance at a mount that is sadly disappearing with the patch. Seems I will also need to farm up more badges so I can buy my gnome priest some boa gears as I already bought the rogue stuff for my worgen rogue and my dwarf shaman is already covered boa wise. So much to do and so little time!

So what are you going to be doing before the Cata patch goes live in a week or so?