Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jed wants YOU!

As the title says...I want you! By which what I mean is that my Guild Avengers of Azeroth (US-Ursin PVP Alliance side) is looking for new members! I know, I know. How dare I use my blog to pimp out my guild, blah blah blah ethics blah blah immoral blah blah roleplaying crap. My answer to that is...I am not forcing anyone to join my guild, I am not forcing anyone to read my blog, and I am not doing anything other then letting anyone interested in joining a guild that mine is looking for more peoples. If anyone is interested they can read on after the break for more information and if you're not interested then don't click to read more.

We are a fun loving guild who enjoy downing raid bosses and having fun while doing so. We do have a few requirements for prospective members:

  1. Be Level 70+(preferably 80)
  2. Have ventrilo. Dont necessarily need a working mic as long as you can hear what is being said on vent.
  3. Have Deadly Boss Mods, Decursive/Healbot/Grid(for those classes capable of decursing/dispelling/healing) and Omen Threat meter
  4. A sense of humor and being open to learning
  5. Be willing to meet our posted raid minimum stats before being able to raid
  6. Be laid back and not get mad over a wipe
  7. Be available for Raids
  8. Help lower level guildmates out when possible
  9. Be able to follow orders in a raid
  10. Don't expect to just sit there and have other guildies carry you through raids. We have raid minimums for a reason.
We are looking for members that will help the guild grow and prosper. We are a 10 man raiding guild mainly because we don't have the numbers to do all guild runs of 25 mans. We run ICC on wednesdays 4:30-7ish PST, a fun run which is usually the weekly raid followed by something like OS10+3 for mounts on thursdays at 4:30-whenever we get bored, and we try to go back into ICC sundays 4:30-7ish PST which sadly hasn't been happening due to a lack of people available :(.

We are currently clearing the first wing of ICC and 2/3 plague wing and could use a few more members to help us push even farther into the raid instance. We are open to all classes and specs.

If you think you have what it takes or have any questions, you can email me at jedimas729 (at), be sure to put AOA App Question in the subject or I'll assume its spam or something or you can roll a lvl 1 alt on Ursin and ask any officer your questions. Chances are I'll be online on my shaman Rhommel or if its raid day/time you can whisper me on my pally Izak.

If you are really really interested then please fill out an application on our recruitment forum.

Maybe when I get home I'll make a handy dandy image to put on the side of the blog letting people know that we are recruiting. Well thanks to all who take the time to read this and hopefully I'll see some new apps up on our forum ;-)

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  1. For any interested raiders out there, AoA is a great guild to be in. Mentioning the word 'fun' twice in the opening sentence about the guild was no accident on Jed's behalf; for the year I've been with AoA I've had more fun than any other time in WoW.

    Jed, the 'recruitment forum' link (second last paragraph) is broken. That is all :).