Thursday, February 24, 2011

Possible future Instances

This expansion has been out for 2 months now and most people have farmed heroics, downed raid bosses, ground out reputation with numerous factions, punched Nazi's goblins, used trunks to hide from explosions, ridden in submarines, worn octopus hats, ridden in tornadoes, stood in the fire, and many other activities. The question has to be asked...what's left to do? We know patch 4.1 will bring 2 new raids, one of which will be the Firelands. But what else should it bring? I think we need more 5 man instances. Burning Crusade brought 13 5 man instances at  launch and added one towards the tail end of it. Wrath launched with 12 5 mans and then patched in 4 along the way. This expansion launched with 7 NEW 5 man instances. Yes I know that most of the old vanilla instances were updated for newness and such but they are still OLD instances. We need more 5 man instances to keep us occupied.

Why do we need more 5 mans? Because half of this expansion is for characters under level 60. Yes you can go back to all the updated zones and redo the quests at 85 but to me theres a payoff missing for doing it. If you're leveling you get money, rep, xp for experiencing the newness. At 85 the money is usually not even enough to buy a stack of reagents, the xp gain does nothing at max level, and rep while nice if you're not exalted with a faction...may not be enough for some people. Blizzard has added so many things to help us level fast that we tend to skip complete zones while leveling and miss some of the new and interesting story lines.

With Heirlooms, dungeon quests and Guild XP gains, you barely get halfway through a zone before you are too high to really enjoy it. Yes you can always not wear heirlooms or run dungeons but that still doesn't address the fact that once you hit 60 you are no longer enjoying leveling because you're stuck in Outland with it's lame quests until you hit 68. And then you get to experience Northrend all over again except this time you can't abandon it at 78 for the new zones. You're stuck dinging 80 the old way. It's like the developers want to remind you that they have gotten much better at the game but they do this by making you go through old content.

Once you hit 85, most people are probably not going to go back through zones to quest and see the story lines. They will probably be too busy farming heroics for gear and rep which will lead them to over heroic themselves and burn out. There isnt a whole lot to do at 85 other then heroics and if you are really grinding them out to get geared you get bored of them real fast. We need new heroic instances to keep us entertained.

Update: So while I was busy with work and unable to post this yesterday, Blizzard decided to read my mind and release information about the new heroic 5 mans that they are adding. And by releasing information I mean it was all data mined by people who do things of that nature. So this can only lead me to believe that Blizzard is a fan of my work and has planted spy software on my computer to read what I write so they can make me happy. =D

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Fun

Today those of us with loved ones celebrate the day with chocolate, roses, gold, money, and many other odd and unusual things. For those of you with out a significant other, today is referred to as "single awareness day" and you may or may not hate today. For those of you who don't care to celebrate the is the 14th.

I decided to give my lovely lady something unusual and a little more creative then just jewelry. I enlisted the aid of the very talented artist, the awesome Vidyala from Manalicious, to help me with this task. She created a postcard sized watercolor of my fiance's warlock and I gotta tell turned out even more awesome then I thought. I gave it to my fiance early because I wanted to surprise her with it and I didn't want to wait for the 14th to come around. Here is what it looks like:

Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who are in the mood for it and for everyone else...Happy Monday!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Sky Is Falling

Today, Ranting Jed is Ranting. It seems to me that whenever a patch is pushed into the game we see a resurgence of people whining about how suddenly their previously Over Powered will now no longer be able to one man a raid boss or take on a whole bg by themselves or some other dumb thing that they think should merit their class not being balanced with other classes. I think that I dread these whiners showing up more than I do watching my class be nerfed. These whiners will make grandiose statements such as "If this nerf goes through I will never play my class again!" or "This nerf will ensure that no one will roll this class and spec because it is no longer fun to play" or my favorite "This change has caused me to cancel my account because blizzard is being so unreasonable."

My response to statements like those above? Good bye, good riddance, and don't let the door hit you on the way out. Honestly if these whiners can't understand that the game needs to be balanced so that no one class is more powerful than any other class, they should go play something else. What makes WoW so fun is that it is constantly being fixed and tweaked so that the world is always changing and moving forward. The WoW developers are always watching to make sure that balance is kept. If they didn't do that...warriors would still be running around wielding arcanite reapers oneshotting mobs or ret paladins would gather reckoning stacks and unleash reckoning bombs on raid bosses, effectively soloing them. Ah the good old days. /nostalgia

Anyway back on topic, nerfs happen, tweaks happen, deal with it. Change like Spice, is life. If you feel your class is being nerfed into the ground today than look forward to tomorrow when it will be buffed to the heavens. Paladins are a great example of a class that is constantly being changed and tweaked. Back in vanilla, most raiding paladins were healers, ret pallies were rare and protadins were even more rare. BC made paladin healing more fun, prot more viable, and ret...well it was not as uncommon to see raiding retadins. Wrath made all three classes fun and viable to play in pvp and pve, but tankadins were made OP. Cataclysm so far has to make all three fun, although ret was nerfed a little because its mastery was a bum deal but that will be addressed in 4.0.6 which drops today and will make it more fun to play. Ask any vanilla paladin about their class and they can tell you all about nerfs and buffs and nerfs. It's an ever changing world we play in.

If you want to complain to anyone...don't bother talking to me as I have been a frost mage for almost 6 years now and my class has gone from everyone being frost in vanilla, to everyone being fire in BC, to everyone being arcane in wrath. The only people who were frost were people like me who rocked it, people leveling, and pvpers. When I joined a pug raid on my mage I had to constantly prove that I could rock the dps meters, which I of course did. It was only in very late wrath that frost was buffed and even than most people didn't consider it a viable spec unless you were skilled. Cataclysm has finally made it accepted in raids and for that I am happy and even though I am getting a few slight nerfs with this patch, I won't be complaining that the sky is falling. I know its necessary to balance the game.

If you can't one shot level 85 elites anymore after the patch...well maybe you should rethink about whether your class should be the only one who could do that and if that was fair to everyone else. Or better yet...remember that it's just a game after all.