Thursday, April 8, 2010

First class previews

So now that the priest preview was finally posted, we have had the first three of ten class changes previewed. Priests, shaman, and warlocks each had their post explaining what players can look forward to if they play these classes in the next expansion. I read each preview and cheered for some talents and boo'ed for others. So far of the three classes posted, Shaman looks to have made out like a bandit with priest coming up second and warlock being last. I suppose that is probably because shamans and priests have two class roles, dps and healer, so they need slightly more work then the single role warlock.

I am looking forward to Shaman's new abilities:
Unleash weapon - having weapon buffs like windfury, earthliving, and flametongue have an extra effect when you use this ability seems pretty cool.
Healing Rain - YES! FINALLY AN AOE HEAL!! Nuff said.
Spiritwalker's grace - being able to move and still cast a huge heal? yes plxx! Before people start claiming that this move is OP please keep in mind that it only lasts 10 seconds and has a 2 minute cd so you can't just spam it and then run around the room spam healing.

Priest's new cool moves:
Mind Spike - Yay something we can use when a mob is going to get killed before we can get a full rotation done on it. Nothing worse then having low dps because your dots didnt tick fast enough on the mob before it died.
Leap of faith - Hello deathgripping a party member who is too focused on killing a boss to realize he is standing in fire! I can see this being really popular in arenas. It has a 45 second cd so people cant just stand in fire while dpsing and expect a priest to pull them out of it.
Power word barrier - Group wide shield? Can you say awesome?! Toss it up on aoe damage heavy fights and it'll make healing just a little bit less hectic. Can't wait to see it in use.

Warlock's new awesomeness:
No more soul shards!!! Their new use is interesting but I am just happy that I wont have to spend my time farming for shards before a raid or make bag space for said shards.

Well...those are the things I'm looking forward to for the three classes. Yes I am aware that warlocks had more stuff posted for them but honestly most of it sounds kind of weak to me. I just couldn't get excited over green fire : /

Warriors, rogues, and  death knight class previews are scheduled for today and I know warriors were posted as I was writing this post. I'll probably post either tonight or tomorrow on the previews. Cataclysm is looking to be pretty fun so far and I can't wait to start seeing info from the beta!

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