Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gotta heirloom'em all

They should have renamed the 6.0 patch to the Heirloom Patch. I say this because since the patch went live I've done nothing but try and get heirlooms from Garrosh Kills on all my characters. Some I've gotten through groups I've put together and some through awesome people on twitter organizing groups. I've yet to get one through the new group finder because sadly most of my groups fall apart after one wipe or because people think they can overpower mechanics and as we all know...that rarely works. At least I can cry myself to sleep holding the heirlooms I have.

So a lot of heirlooms, a lot of changes to classes, and a Halloween holiday event. Blizzard has definitely provided us with a lot of content in game to keep us busy until the expansion release date which is almost upon us. Throw Blizzcon into the mix and suddenly October has been a very busy month for most of us! With all this activity it's been fun to see people who stopped playing WoW, finally log back on after a long time. They are usually confused at all the changes and are often asking questions in guild as to how to do stuff or what things are.

Of course now is the best time to start playing WoW if you stopped to take a break for whatever reason. With the stat squish and all the mechanics changes, we're all in the same boat when it comes to relearning how to play the game. Sadly some people have decided to ignore the fact that the game is different and try to play the game the same as they did pre-patch. Those people seem to make up most of the pug SoO and Ordos groups I get in. I keep queueing for pugs because I'm stubborn and damn it I want to believe that I can find a good group of decent people who can clear raids! Maybe one day.

Speaking of people coming back to the game, if anyone out there finds themselves coming back and not having a guild to call home, I highly recommend my awesome adult only social guild Avengers of Azeroth. We are located on the pvp server Ursin which has been connected to three other realms and is now a medium to high pop server depending on the time of day. While we are a social guild that focuses on having fun in the game, we also have a raid team that runs Wednesday 5-8 PST and Sunday 3-6 PST. We started out as a flex group and about two months ago we made the transition to a normal mode raid team. We finished the expansion at 13/14 and we had gotten Garrosh to the third phase but sadly we just couldn't get him before 6.0 dropped.

I know some people worry that they'll join a guild and it will disappear due to drama or transferring or things of that nature but the guild just turned 9 this year and we are the oldest active guild on our server and we have no plans to go anywhere. Because we are all over the age of 18 and then some we tend not to have much drama.(yay go us!) So yeah that's my standard my guild is super awesome and everyone should join it pitch. Because we are in fact super awesome and everyone should join us.

So yeah lot of stuff going on and honestly I am excited for the expansion! I've been in the beta for it for a while and I can't wait for launch. I mentioned in my last blog post that I will be attending Blizzcon and that I would once again be attending the Twisted Nether Party Friday night. What I didn't mention is that this year I will be one of the party sponsors! Very excited for that because I love the TNB crew and I'm glad I can help them keep the party going! I fully expect everyone who reads my blog to be in attendance at the TNB party!

So that's that. Lot of excitement and anticipation for the future. =D

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