Monday, September 22, 2014

Random Musings

Sometimes I think I should post more but I can't figure out what I want to write about and then when I think about a topic I can't find the words to convey what I want to say. This is why my blog posts have been...lets just say few and far between. It sounds nicer than non existent. I am sadly having this problem with a lot of projects I have going on. I just can't find the words I want to use. It makes me the sads.

In an effort to force myself to write something I have decided to just post whatever random thoughts I have floating around in my head and see if I can make a blog post out of them. Bear with me, it may not be the most cohesive blog post I've ever written but hey no one reads my blog for a well written post anyway. So...uhm buyer beware or something.

Blizzcon is nearing and I can't wait! I was lucky and was able to sweet talk my awesome and amazing wife into going to Blizzcon again. So once again this year I will be in Anaheim crowded into a large convention center with a bunch of nerds watching the Blizzard team shows all sorts of new shinies! Huzzah! If you're going to be at Blizzcon this year and want to hang out or get a drink let me know! I stupidly didn't take pictures last year until the last night so I will remedy that this year and take pictures with all the cool people I meet! Also if you're going to Blizzcon(or not) you should def buy one of my super sweet custom made light up jackets. Just saying, they look awesome and you'll get all sorts of attention when wearing one.

I will also once again be going to the Twisted Nether Blogcast party so if you can make it to that party you should! They are cool people and it was a great time last year. I'm sure this year will be just as awesome if not more so.

Well raiding is going pretty awesomely for my raid team, we are 13/14 in 10 man Normal mode SoO. We are working our butts off trying to get Gary dead so people can get their mounts/achievements before 6.0 drops and takes both away. It's been a hard road to get to this point but I'm happy we are here and I know we will def get him down. My raid team started out as my flex mode team which was composed of a handful of my guildees and a handful of other people I met through twitter/ingame raid finder. Initially we had over 15 people and slowly we ended up dropping down to 10 people as people lost interest or just couldn't attend raids due to personal stuff. I made the decision to switch to normal mode at that point since it was made cross realmable and here we are almost done with the raid.

If you're alliance and looking for a casual adult raid group in the expansion, let me know! In the expansion normal and heroic modes will be flexible and cross realmable so we can fit a lot of people into the raid!

We turned 9 in July and I am honestly still amazed at the fact that something I created has stuck around for so long. My realm, Ursin, was connected to two realms earlier this year(Scilla and Andorhal) and that helped bring up the number of people running around the Shrine/Stormwind. We were connected to the realm Zuluhed not too long ago and that had a bigger impact than the other two realm connections. We now have a lively(sometimes too lively) trade chat, an active auction house, and more importantly there people are everywhere! It has helped the server feel less like a dead server and more like a living breathing one!

So if you're looking for a guild to join for the expansion, why not check out my super awesome 9 year old, adult, social guild with a raid team?

The Beta
I have been playing in the beta and honestly I can't wait for the expansion. Garrisons are pretty cool and the questing zones are really well done. I'm not happy about only having four leveling instances though. I am the type of person who alternates how I level characters. Maybe for one character I'll do nothing but quest and for another it'll be all instancing and yet on another pet battles. I don't like the fact that instances are being removed as a viable leveling mechanic. =(

But anyway, the zones are pretty and you can tell that the Blizz devs worked really hard on them. I can't wait for launch so I can get all the cool things done! =D

I have started a Youtube channel where I will be posting videos of me playing all sorts of games like Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3 and such. You should all head over and subscribe to my channel. It's for the fun times. =D

Well I think thats enough random rambling for now. Maybe in the next post I'll post something amazing and awe inspiring for you all. Probably not but hey I can dream can't I?

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