Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A decade of shenanigans

*taps mic* this thing still on? Crap it is! Uhmm...hi everyone. I bet you're all wondering where in the hell I have been this whole time! I mean my last post was back in January and since then this place has been deader than a bbq at the Firelands. Well I HAD planned to blog about stuff since than and honestly I did have things I wanted to write about but I didn't because something came up. What came up that could have kept me away from my loving and adoring audience? Well if you've been following me on Twitter, and let's face it most of you have not, you know that in February my wife and I adopted a beautiful baby girl. If you aren't on Twitter and didn't know what was going on, well now you do! I'm not gonna post pictures here because they are all over twitter and you can go there and look at them if you so desire.

Since February the baby has taken up most of my free time and man are babies tiring as hell! As the stay at home parent, I barely get time to do much of anything during the day because I have to give the baby all the attention she wants or she'll grow up to be a horrible person or something. : / Thankfully my wife is awesome and tries to be home on days that I would normally raid and she takes the baby off my hands during that time. But other than that my WoW time is so random and sporadic that I only have seven level capped characters so far! I know what you're thinking and I agree how slow of me!

So if I'm so busy with real life and such why am I even bothering to write a post now? Well if the title of this post didn't give you a hint, I have officially been playing World of Warcraft 10 years of this May! According to the WoW account history thing I entered in a 10 day trial code on May 15, 2005 and 10 days later I got my free month from buying the game. I can't believe that I've been playing WoW for 10 years. Hell I can't believe that I've been doing ANYTHING for 10 years. Life is just so crazy. 10 years ago when I started playing I was a senior in college and living in Florida. Now I'm a stay at home dad living in Chicago and honestly my life is sooooo much better than it was 10 years ago.

This also means that my guild(Avengers of Azeroth) turns 10 next month! Holy crap something I created has been around this long!! I honestly figured that we would have faded away and died a long the way but NOPE! We are still chugging along having a good time and doing things in and out of game. I've met so many guildees in person and even met my wife through the guild. My best man has been one of my guild officers since forever and he has visited the wife and I several times even though we live no where near each other.

Speaking of meeting guildees, I will once again be going to Blizzcon this year where I will hang out with whoever wants to hang out and buy me drinks! Several of my guildees are going as well so it'll be a mini guild party! Huzzah! All of the booze! Blizzcon is such a great time for me because I can meet up with all the people that I talk with on twitter and other social media. Also there is like Blizzard news and such to see and hear.

So yeah that's what I've been up to and why I haven't been around to write all sorts of crappy things for no one to read. I'll try to sneak away while the baby is asleep and maybe write something here and there but I make no promises. I have a reputation as a slacker to uphold after all! So like join my guild and follow me on twitter/instagram/and twitch to keep up with what I'm doing. Or just wait for me to remember to write something here. =D

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  1. It's pretty awesome to be able finally meet some of the guildies I played with back when I was 13. Looking forward to Blizzcon :)