Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Patch Day

With 4.1 being released today, the community is eagerly counting down the time until servers finally go back up and all the new shiny and sexy things that Blizzard has patched in can be devoured by the masses. I am sadly stuck at work and can't play until several hours after servers are supposed to come back up. Stupid real life responsibilities like bills and stuff. The only redeeming thing about being at work on major patch days is that inevitably server maintenance gets extended several hours and by the time that servers finally go up, I will either just be getting off work or I'll be home already.

So for those of you who are stuck at work patiently counting down until that magic time when you can slide down a dinosaur into your car and head home, I will try to entertain you! Emphasis on try. I was looking through keywords people used to find my site and some of them are interesting, some have a million variations of the same keyword, and some are just random. So away we go!

First search term to catch my eye:

How to ask guild for a raid
This one is funny because my first response was "Just ask in guild if anyone wants to run a raid!" I guess whoever came to my blog with that search term may be shy and looking for advice on how to participate in his or her guild raids. Best thing to do to get involved in guild raids is to become involved in the guild! Yes being shy sucks but sometimes you have to speak up in guild chat and hope for the best. IF you for some reason can't work up the nerve to talk in guild chat, you can wait for someone to ask for more in guild chat and whisper that person that you are interested in raiding.

Can u raid before running heroics in cataclysm?
Uhm...yes and no. Honestly if your guild is a super heroic mode farming kind of guild, they can definitely take your freshly dinged 85 into a normal raid and gear you out. For most people this will not happen. The majority of WoW players who just dinged 85 will need to farm heroics, craft gear, and buy rep pieces to prepare for raiding. If you expect to start raiding as soon as you hit level cap, you may be in for disappointment.

Can you queue for heroics just as you hit 85?
Yes you can but only IF you have been smart with your questing along the way to 85. There are several factions that have nice item level 333 gear that you only need revered reputation to purchase which are very nice. There are also several quests that reward very nice pieces of gear in the Twilight Highlands and Uldum that will also boost your average item level. You can purchase crafted gear that requires 85 and then use that as soon as you ding. Lastly, you can farm the hell out of Lost City, Grim Batol, and Halls of Origination for gear as soon as you are able to queue for them. So it is very doable but does take a little more effort to accomplish.

Cancel WoW subscription, is remaining time kept?
Not sure how this person ended up on my blog with this search term but the answer to that question is yes. When you cancel your subscription, whatever time you had left is already prepaid for so you don't lose that time. Now if you cancel your subscription the day it is supposed to be renewed than you won't have any left over time. I know several people who paid for their subscription several months in advance who then decided to cancel their subscription. They played until their time ran out and they either decided to renew or to go through with their plan and take a break from wow.

Do you have to discover the entrance to run 85 heroics?
As of a few patches ago, you no longer have to discover ANY instance entrance to be able to run it. Before this change, you would indeed have had to locate the entrance to Cataclysm instances to run them in normal or regular.

Friend wants to join my WoW guild?
Well good for your friend. Before you invite your friend to your guild, you may want to consider a few things. First off, what kind of guild are you in and will your friend fit in with that guild? Secondly if your friend doesn't fit in and leaves the guild, will it reflect badly on you? Thirdly, if your friend leaves the guild in a less then professional way will they expect you to leave the guild too? There are more questions that you should ask yourself but these are the first three that popped into my head when I read this question/search term.

Jeb pay for my Cataclysm and a month of game time.
First off...who is Jeb and why should he pay for you to play? Is he a millionaire with a soft spot for WoW players? If so can he pay for me to play too?

No one wants to join my guild.
Well...maybe it's a sign that there is something wrong with your guild. Is it named Fluffy Kitten Sex? When trying to get people to join your guild are you just randomly whispering people to join it? Are you spamming trade with an obnoxious and horribly misspelled message that throws grammar by the wayside? Do you try to actively recruit bad and annoying people into your guild? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you need to wonder no longer why no one wants to join your guild.

Now if you answered no to the above questions and are still struggling to recruit people then you may have to try changing your recruitment tactics. Maybe emphasis your guild level if its relatively high, or your progression, or even how full of nice people your guild is. Right now is a tough time for many guilds recruitment wise because there are some people are already bored of the current content and have taken breaks from the game until the next tier of raids is released. This causes more guilds to increase their recruitment drives to fill their raids which causes the number of people who are looking for guilds to slowly go down. Just keep at it and you will hopefully get people to join your guild .

WoW Jed Town
Yes I do indeed deserve a town of my own in WoW! Also I am not making this search term up, someone actually came to my site because they thought I was so awesome that I needed to be recognized with my own town. I am honestly not sure what this person was looking for but I hope they found it.

Jed is a Sexy Beast!
Ok this one I did make up. Sadly no one has come to my site with this search term...yet.

I think that's enough to entertain you all while servers are down being patched. Well I hope it entertained you anyway. If it didn't...well I apologize for nothing! At the very least I distracted you from looking at the remaining time left for maintenance for a few minutes.

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