Thursday, September 9, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

This week's shared topic over at Blog Azeroth asks what mementos you have kept and why? Well I thought long and hard about that and figured I would answer from my mage's viewpoint. My mage has a full bank with all bank slots purchased and open space in his bank is rare. Why you may ask? Well...he is my oldest character and therefore has the most mementos that I have picked up along the way and can't force myself to part with. From my collection of epicly sexy tabards to my favorite holiday items, even my collection of ZG coins that I am slowly turning in for rep, I tend to hold on to things that mean some thing to me.

The biggest collection that I have in my bank is my collection of epic gear. I still have every single piece of epic gear that I have won from a raid. This collection also includes gear from this expansion that I have ultimately replaced with upgrades from ToC and ICC. as well as gear from Vanilla and TBC. The set that is my favorite and that I think makes my mage looks awesome is my raiding set from Vanilla. My mage is decked out in 6/8 T1, T2 helm, PvP gloves, a sorcerous dagger, and therazanes grip. No matter what happens I will never give up these pieces because I seriously busted my butt in MC, Ony, and even AV to get each item. They will always hold a special spot in my heart.

So...what have you held on to that means a lot to you?


  1. Every single piece of epic gear!? Whoa!

    For my shaman that might get to be a problem as she frequently picks up enhancement pieces she may/may not ever use! Mostly may not =)

  2. My Resto shaman has lvl 70 resto, enh, and ele gear. At 80 he is no longer rolling on enh pieces because I dont plan on going enhancement on him lol.