Friday, January 7, 2011

Archaelogy is the DEVIL

As anyone who has leveled Archeology past 100 can tell you...its the Devil! Just like football, Ben Franklin, girls, and the robot Devil. It is a good source of supplemental experience while leveling but once you are 85 and have to fly all over the world loses a little bit of it' fun. Stupid profession sending me from STV to EPL then BACK to STV! The bright side is that I have gotten the raptor mount and pet and both are very, very, very smexy. Now if only Tol'vir digsites would stop being such a tease and give me more locations I would be happy. Damn Kitty people keeping their canopic jars to themselves instead of filling them with dragon recipes for me to dig up!

Moving on from frustration to something a little better. Heroics! Guild has had a lot of people hit 85 so we've been running a lot of guild groups which are the best thing since sliced bread. Oh and to add to the list of the most obvious things ever: the sky is blue, wow is addicting, and pie is delicious. My mage is thankfully sporting a nice 340ish item level which would be higher except that I have been also running heroics on my shaman who is also sporting a 340ish item level. I think my warrior will hit 85 this weekend and then I'll have to get him up in item level so that I can get him some sexy gears.

Speaking of the Guild, we are currently at level 9 which is pretty awesome! We have gotten our first feast recipe from guild achievements (feast) and now that it is no longer bugged and giving out the wrong buff to people I'll be farming up more mats to make with the dropping them for groups. The lowering of the guild flask achievement was a very smooth move by blizzard. Before most guilds had no chance of getting 10k flasks made before they started raiding and actually needed them but now that it has been lowered to 1k and 3k it is a lot more doable. Woots for a development team that listens to us every now and then.

Well I've almost exhausted my extensive list of topics that I wanted to rant a little about so I think I will end this post now. Well before I do that I just wanted to say that I noticed that I started my blog in January of 2010. At the end of a month I will have spent a year rambling and ranting about random things that pop into my mind. I'll see about posting something special for the 25th which is the actual anniversary date. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should write about?


  1. By archaeology is the devil do you mean strangely seductive and bad for you? I'm 85, I get nothing out of it except pieces of grey tat ... and I completely love it. I don't grind it though, I do a little bit here and there, so it's never been too painful. I tend to do a bit when I'm in the dungeon queue or whatever.

    Glad to hear you're having fun in heroics - they are infinitely better with guild groups, I find, although I have had a couple of pleasant pugs.

  2. It's like a drug that I can't stop. Stupid epics are just beyond my reach, teasing me with their sexy epicness. I am working on the clockwork gnome atm which is going to be awesome. Now if only I could get a few more Tol'vir dig sites I'd be set.

    I have actually gotten into a few pugs who shocked me by being good. Now if only I could get some gear upgrades.

  3. I hate stuff like this, why are they removing all the interesting features from the game. They are turning WoW into Fisher Price's My First MMO. :(