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Friday, March 21, 2014

Cross Realm Boosts

So uhm there is a perfectly good reason why my last post was almost two months ago and that reason is uhm...well.. ya see...HEY LOOK OVER THERE! /Cast Invisibility /Run Away

The real reason is that life in Zurich has kept me rather busy and sometimes I just don't have the time to blog about things and stuff in the World of Warcraft! I am still playing and still raiding in the SoO raid instance(at a really late local time) and over all I've been having a good time. Lot of stuff has happened since the last time I blogged and I figured I might as well make with the yakkity yak blog stuff.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Plight of the low pop server

I have been on my server since 2005 when it was first launched and in that time my server has gone from being a medium population server (ever so briefly) to being a low population server less than a year after going live. Since then, it has remained a low pop server. While at the time it wasn’t a big deal, the population on the server has steadily declined. During Vanilla, before paid transfers were implemented, most people rolled on a server and stayed on that server until they either stopped playing or found a reason to start over on a different realm. If you reached level 60 on a character, people tended to stay on that server because it was such a pain to re-level on a new server. Once paid transfers were introduced the barrier to leaving your server was removed. Players were free to transfer their characters to new servers to play with friends/coworkers/raiding guilds/etc.

Of course this didn’t affect the larger realms since the higher population numbers meant they could afford to lose some people to other servers without it affecting the overall population. Unlike larger servers, the smaller servers suffered because the realms couldn’t afford to lose so many people. As new people began playing WoW, most would pick the larger realms because the population made them more appealing than the low pop counterparts. Who wants to roll a new character on what appears to be an empty server when they can roll on a busy server that looks to be more fun? Not all transfers were off of low pop realms. Some people transferred to smaller servers to play with friends or because they grew tired of life on a larger server.The transfers in weren’t numerous enough to slow the tide of people leaving.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

To all the lowbie groups

I am going to start this post by announcing that this is a rant. If you have no desire to read my angry rant, please feel free to browse through my other posts until you find something more to your liking. If you’re still with me, hold on to something because this is going to get angry and possibly violent. I’ve been leveling my panda and I LOVE it! They are a fun class to play regardless of spec and I highly recommend leveling one. Now because I am one of those weird people who like to play a class to level cap as the same spec that they are going to be at said level cap, I tend to level some characters as healers or tanks. For my panda I decided to level as a Brewmaster, which is the tank spec. 

This means that I’ve run a lot of dungeons so far. I usually quest for a bit and then queue for a bit so that I don’t end up running the same dungeon a million times in a row. Nothing like running RFD 5 times in a row to make you want to stop playing for the night. Anyway, since I’ve been leveling I end up in a lot of groups with everyone but me wearing all heirlooms. Why don’t I have heirlooms you ask? Well because until this expansion each account could only have 10 character slots per server. I had one of each class at level cap. I had no need to buy heirlooms because I didn’t have a character that could benefit from them and I would rather spend the JP on other stuff like mounts or crafting mats or gnomish hookers. Had I been smart, I would have bought them with the extra JP I had before it got turned into gold in 5.0.4 or whatever patch it was. But since I’m dumb and didn’t remember to do that, I have no heirlooms.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bad World PVP

Let me start this story by stating that the server that I play on is a pvp server. I’ve played on this server since it opened up in 2005 and as a result I’ve seen my fair share of world pvp. When I was a young mage questing in Redridge, it was a common occurrence to have high level horde raid the town and gank every poor lowbie alliance person they saw. On a pvp server you often get used to such douche baggery happening and when you are higher level and able to do something about it, most people often do. I can remember several pvp battles in Lakeshire, Menethil Harbor, and the ever famous Southshore. Sometimes the pvp fights were a nice distraction and sometimes they were a rather large annoyance but being on a pvp server, you knew what you could expect at any time. To me this made the game a little more deadly and exciting. Not everyone’s cup of tea I suppose.

Sadly as the years have gone by, my server population went from medium in vanilla to low in BC and has stayed there since. Every now and then it’ll pop up briefly to medium before sinking back into its usual low pop status. What does this mean? Well it means that while leveling a lowbie alt you’re more likely to see a group of mobs having a naked dance party than seeing a horde. In fact that’s one of the biggest selling points I tell people on twitter when I tell them to roll on my server to play with me! This is mostly true except for poor Megs who kept running into horde who managed to kill her often.  Anyway, because our population is so low, world pvp doesn’t happen that often. This is great for leveling alts but bad for people who want to pvp.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Guild Mentoring

It was announced recently which guilds were selected to participate in the WoW guild mentoring program. For those of you who have no clue what the guild mentoring program is, it’s a program that has guilds on select servers open their doors to whoever wants to join so that they can be shown how to play the game by people in the guilds.  Each guild will welcome new and old players(under 85) alike and I assume that blizzard is hoping that by doing this the number of people who stop playing the game because they have no clue what they are doing, will decrease. When I first heard about the program I thought it was a cool idea but after some thought I had mixed feelings about it.

On one hand it can be a great experience for people who are starting the game and don’t know anyone who is playing the game that can help them. We assume that with WoW’s subscription numbers being in the millions, everyone who wants to play the game is already playing it but of the 9 million subscribers only a quarter or so of that is from North American players. That means that there are plenty of people who are not playing WoW but see the commercials/game box and decide to give it a spin. These new people start out with nothing and have no clue what they are doing. Remember back to when you first started, how many of you had no friends/family that played the game? How many of you ran around exploring the world alone? How many of you resorted to asking in trade/general chat for answers to questions you had about the game?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Looking Back and Moving Forward

We have a week to go before the 5.0.4 patch drops and about a month before Mists of Pandaria is finally released. Between then and now we have to do two things: relearn how to play our characters with the new MoP talents and secondly, decide if the new game changes have made the game more or less fun. Hopefully most of you are in the more fun category but I know that for a few of you, the game has lost its grasp on your interest. Don't worry my dear readers, I have played the beta and am firmly in the still fun category. I look forward to seeing everything Pandaria has to offer and having a great time with my guild running new dungeons, raids, and scenarios.

With so many new and exciting features like pet battles and scenarios, I believe that there is enough to keep me interested and playing WoW until the next expansion. I know some people are looking forward to one feature above all others, the pet battles! For others they are looking forward to Pandas and monks. 

But as I said, for some the game has taken a turn that they don't like. For some of these people the game is not the same game they fell in love with. For some real life has intruded (as it does) and while they sadly would love to play the game, they are unable to do so because of real life. Perhaps some have found a different game that now holds the place in their heart that WoW once used to occupy. They have decided to jump ship and are not looking back.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PUG Etiquette

As a smallish 10 man casual raiding guild, my guild tends to find itself having to pug a person or two for our raids when we don't have enough people sign up/show up for our raids. Now this doesn't mean that we are a horribad guild that couldn't down hogger or anything. It just means that recruitment has not brought in enough people who can show up to a raid. A normal raid night this expansion will often see us with eight or nine guildees online and ready to raid.

This situation leads us to pug a spot or two so that we can raid on raid nights. Sometimes I have a friend on my friends list that I can ask to come to the raid and when this happens, it's not really pugging as you are pulling in someone you know and not a complete stranger. But sadly there are times when our friends list fails us and we are stuck having to resort to asking for people in trade chat. This is not something that we enjoy doing but sometimes it's either pug or not raid.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quality Control

Every day I log into my GM character and I go through a list of things before I start playing the game. First I check to see who is online so that when I say hello and I won’t wonder why I haven’t gotten a response back if it’s only me online. Next I check the guild info panel to see if anyone has joined the guild while I was offline or to make sure no one has mysteriously gquit in the middle of the night when no one was online. The last thing I do is check the Guild Finder to see if we have had any anyone try applying to the guild through it.

What is the Guild Finder you may be asking yourselves? Well Blizzard added in a Looking For Guild feature a few patches ago, that allowed guilds to list themselves as recruiting. If you are looking for a guild you’d type /gf, enter in your information in the screen that pops up, and you are presented with a list of guilds that are listed as recruiting. It shows you a guild’s level, achievement points, whether they are looking for in more people for PvE, RP, or PvP as well as a comment box with information about the guild.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How not to apply to a guild

With my Guild starting a Star Wars: The Old Republic branch, we have had some people apply to join the guild and for the most part the applications have been pretty standard and those people have all gotten into the guild. The other day we had one that was so outstanding that I just had to share it with everyone. When it came in, I had to read it several times to make sure I was reading it correctly. It represents everything that you should NOT do when applying to join a guild. It was so bad that my wife read the first few lines and instantly said Hell No to the app. I figure that I should rant about this guild a bit so if you have no interest in reading about an application to my guild, feel free to change the channel.

Now while I won't link the application here, I will be describing sections of it so you can understand how bad the app was. If you want to see the application you can head over to my guild site and find it for yourself. Here is a link to the blank application template, as you can see it has five sections but the info we ask is kind of important and we aren't expecting someone to write a paragraph for each question. Most people answer each question as best as they can and move on. The application shouldn't take long to fill out and most people fill it out rather quickly.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To all the GM's I've loved

I was talking to a fellow Guild Master about the nature of guilds and how they can wear you down and I was asked when the last time I was thanked for everything that I did or that I was appreciated? I had to stop and think about that and when I finally came up with an answer, I responded with "Not in a long while." This got me thinking: Why do I bother to be the GM of my guild if I can't even recall when the last time someone told me they appreciated anything I did?

That's a tough question to answer. Why does anyone do anything if they can expect to never be thanked or be made to feel appreciated. Well I know why I do it? I like to believe that I am a sane and rational person and I do it because I like providing a service to the people in the guild. Of course I also like to believe that one day Baron Geddon will drop the Left Bindings of the Windseeker for my pally. Clearly neither of these things are true. I lead because while I can be a follower, I prefer to do my own thing and the best way to do that for me was to start my own guild and along the way other people who enjoyed the way I ran things joined me on my quest to hang out and have a good time.

I had written those last two paragraphs about 3 weeks ago and had let them sit there while I figured out what else I wanted to say when I remembered something. One of my newer guildees had emailed me a guest post back in October for me to post while I was away getting married/on my honeymoon and I had forgotten to post it. I went back and read it and I remembered one the most rewarding things about being a guild master in WoW. Here is the post for you all to read and afterward I'll explain what that rewarding thing is(my edits will be in italic): 

A while back my awesome, cool, now MARRIED (congrats you two love birds) guildmaster posted a blog about why he continues to play WoW after 6 long years of badassery. So I figured hey, I should share why I love WoW after just a few months of playing…and against my better judgment I decided that I would let other people read something that I wrote.
Besides the amazing visualizations, the years and years of in depth actually INTERESTING storyline, the sheer volume of add ons, extras, perks, world events, mounts, achievements, professions, blah blah blah. Or besides the fact that Warcraft allows you to run around facing demons, monsters, rock giants, or my favorite murlocs as a night elf with a green Mohawk and a panther as a sidekick; the game is still at its core very much like many other games I have played before it.

So what brings me, the awesome JuJu(our guild nickname for him) into a game that allows you to see how much life you have spent into something (/played for all you naive folks)? Easy! It’s the friends you make. I have played Diablo, COD, Starcraft, Halo…I could go on forever… but you won’t find a better group of people to play with than in the AoA guild.

Consider this, macrame a connoisseur of google images, a motherly red head who will gladly trash talk everyone to shame on your behalf(my wife), a robot alien healer(a priest who's computer made her sound like a robot on vent), a druid whose nickname is based off of the best snack of all time(PBNJ), and a handful of other awesome guildies who answer all of your mind numbing questions without ridicule and you find yourself in the best four hours of gaming any fellow nerd can ever ask for. I honestly look forward to playing with such a great group of friends even when my day job is flying planes. So in short, you all make my day. I love you, and if you ever want a romantic plane ride over Florida or just a buddy to drink with and make fun of, I am your man. You make my life great and complete. So in short, it is the amazing people I play with that makes this game and not the game itself that makes me come back hour after hour…please continue to make the gaming world great all of you.

So while for me it is obvious why I play this game after already spent 14 days of my life on one character, I wanted to share it with everyone so they can realize that, holy shit we are playing with the nicest most interesting and awkwardly hilarious ragtag group of people you could ever find. It isn’t an amazing fantasy world where everyone is a hero, but rather a real life link to people who are truly amazing.

After reading that I realized that the most rewarding thing about being the guild master of my guild wasn't getting thanked by people for anything I did, it was that every now and than I got to participate in someones journey of WoW discovery. Hearing the pure joy that they experience when they run their first instance and down a boss or listening to them describe how the handled a quest by themselves. It's like watching your children grow up and experiencing the world. Sometimes you get a thank you out of it, sometimes you don't but it doesn't matter.

While my guildee above did thank me and my scatter brained self forgot about his post until recently, I would have posted this eventually because it illustrates that our guild is the type of place where people can have fun and enjoy themselves. That's all I wanted when I made the guild so long ago and I am glad that it is still true today. I will say this for everyone who is in a guild and not a guild leader, the next time they log on, you should tell them that you appreciate what they do. You can also tell them thank you. Or give them gifts...nice and shiny gifts like gold or mounts or pets! At the very least you can give them a nice hug.

Being a GM is very tiring work and sometimes even the best of us could use a nice compliment. Now that Operation Hug A GM has been initiated, I leave you all with this oh so funny classic WoW Machinima.

/Hug to all my fellow Guild Masters

Monday, August 15, 2011

Looking for Trouble

Recruitment. The word most Guild Masters/Officers dread hearing. Why? Well because of the sheer amount of work that comes with having to deal with recruitment as well as the frustration that arises because of it. Whenever a guild loses a person, it is usually a blow to the guild, unless no one liked the person who left in which case a party may be necessary to celebrate their departure. More often than not it isn't a party. For many guilds, when one person leaves the guild, the rest of the guild will have to work extra hard to make up for that person.

The majority of guilds are a house of cards. Each member being a card holding up another card holding up another card and so on, ultimately forming up a complete house. If you take one card away from anywhere in the house of cards, the other cards have to bear an uneven weight and the whole house may come crashing down. GM/Officers are tasked with maintaining the house and keeping it in order and stable. When one person leaves, they have to scramble to cover for that person, whether it's a raider, an RP'er, or PVP'er. The problem is that recruiting is a difficult and sometimes long process unless you get incredibly lucky and find a person right away. It seems that this expansion, recruitment has become more difficult. What am I basing this statement on? Well other than personal experience, there are other bloggers who have blogged about what a tough time they have been having with trying to find people for their guilds. Buckle up kids, because this is going to be a long block of rant that is hopefully tied together by a central topic. Of course knowing'll just come off as random ramblings but if you're reading this than you clearly are ok with random randomness.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Need if you need

Often in heroic randoms, you will see someone ask if it is ok with the group if they need on a piece of gear. That piece could be an upgrade for their main spec or even their offspec. If it's an offspec role, than if they are lucky, no one else needs the piece. But every now and then you will run across someone who doesn't bother to ask if they can need on a piece for their offspec, even after someone else says they need it for their main spec. This is a huge problem for healers and tanks. I have had so many upgrades stolen from my healers and tanks by people who are queued as a dps or a tank or healer.

The old saying "Need if you need" has lead people to assume that just because they CAN need on an item, that they are entitled to roll on it, even if it is not for the spec that they are queued as and it's an upgrade for someone's main spec. People see that they can need on it and figure that their own need outweighs someone else's need. It is both sad and infuriating when I see this happening in instances, the trollroics being the latest cause of this type of behavior. All you can do when someone needs on your upgrade is hope that the WoW loot Gods are on your side and that you out roll the other person. Of course you may have this happen to you several times in an instance and all I can say is Good Luck.

I had this happen to in Zul'Aman when I was healing it on my Gnome Priest. The Paladin tank was obviously not geared for pulling as much as he was and so people were dying because they kept pulling agro on mobs that he was obviously not actively generating threat on. One of the DPS was from the same guild as the tank and he started berating me for letting him die. I explain that "Mr. Pull more then he can handle" can't hold agro on everything and that we should use some CC. Of course I phrased it a little more diplomatically and didn't lay the blame on anyone specifically. I am assuming that the two of them were off in their own vent server talking trash about my healing. We managed to make our way to the Hex Lord Malacross when a healing ring dropped. It was an upgrade for me since I was still sporting two 346 ilevel rings so I naturally needed...and so did the Paladin tank. Maybe he thought that stacking spell power was still the way to go for Paladin threat. Thankfully I won the ring and he apologized for needing on it and I let it go since I had the ring.

We wipe a few times on Daakara because we had the Lynx and the tank didn't understand that he needed to taunt the boss back onto him when it switched to a different target. Finally we kill him and I see what I was hoping for the entire run: the Amani Scepter of Rites. Now this mace hadn't dropped any of the times that I had been there on my priest and I was naturally excited to finally see it. And that's when the bomb dropped; the tank needed the mace...and won. I asked him if I could have it because I was the healer and it was clearly a healing weapon AND a huge upgrade for me. Well that's when the Pally revealed that loot was based on turns or in his words "You won the last piece and now it's my turn to win a piece." He then drops group as I am standing there speechless and right before I drop group his guildee calls me a scrub healer and laughs at me.

If I could punch people through the internet, there would have been two little kids with black eyes somewhere out there. The sad thing is that because of the randomness of the looking for dungeon tool, unless I roll on their servers and chew them out in trade or through whispers, there are no repercussions for them. They can keep needing on gear that isn't for their main spec and if they win it, they'll have stolen another piece of gear from someone who actually needs it. All I can do is ignore both of them so that they don't end up in my random group again, and queue for another random trollroic where I can hope to get ZA so my mace can possibly drop. I was seriously tempted to roll an alt on their server though, that's how mad I was.

I beg you, my readers, please don't ninja need items for your offspec when someone needs the item for their mainspec. With the Midsummer Fire Festival starting today, the Frost Lord Ahune will be available through the LFD tool and I know that people will be tempted to ninja need cloaks for their offspec. Please take a minute and think if needing on a cloak for your secondary spec is worth the aggravation and frustration that you are inflicting on someone who is queueing as their main spec and could use the upgrade. I know my words will probably fall on deaf ears for some people but I accept that. Maybe just one person will read this and change their mind about ninja needing.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Goodbye old friend

Amongst the many changes that are happening in Patch 4.2, we will be bidding adieu to a dear friend. Is it Tyrande or Chromie or Sylvanas or even the basic campfire? No...I'm talking about a closer friend. One that many people take for granted nowadays. This dear friend has been with us since Vanilla and I still remember what life was like before it. I am of course talking about the keyring. Yes...the bag that automatically holds all your keys. Yes, I am indeed for serious. According to the patch notes for 4.2 the keyring will be removed and existing keys will either be converted to gold, removed entirely, or moved to players' inventories. This means that the keyring along with most keys in game will be going away.

Why should anyone care about a keyring or instance keys being removed you may be asking yourself. Well let me fill in a little history for those of you who have always had a keyring in game. Way back in the dark ages of Vanilla Wow, you would sometimes come across keys for random things such as the key to Searing Gorge, the key to the City, the Crescent Key, or even the Scarlet Key. Now at the time, all of these keys were actual items that would go into your inventory since there was no keyring. Big deal you may say, its just a bag space being used. Well at the time 16 slot bags were the highest bag you could have unless you raided Onyxia's lair and were lucky enough to snag yourself one of her bags and even that bag was only an 18 slotter. Bag space was at a premium and if you planned to run an instance such as BRD, Scholo, Strat, or even DM, you had to carry the key with you in your bags. You had to work hard to get some of these keys and that usually meant a lot of time and effort but once you had a were like a God amongst men! Well, you weren't really but you could be all super awesome and brag about being able to open doors. Sometimes you could even make some money just opening an instance door.

If you made the mistake of selling or trashing the key, more often then could NOT get another one. If you were 60 in Vanilla WoW, you would often find yourself running Scholo/Strat/DM for gear/gold/fun and if you didn't have the key for the instance you were stuck outside waiting until some nice soul came by and opened the door for you. Now I don't know about the rest of you but I had some bad luck with groups being formed and no one having the key for the instance. IT SUCKED! A lot. Especially when no one realized that they didn't have the key with them only after everyone was waiting at the instance door. Unless you had a warlock with you, the group would often fall apart then and there because having to sit around waiting for the one person with the key to hearth, run to the bank and grab the key, and then take a gryphon/boat to the instance meant that you were sitting around for 20-30 minutes on average.

Why did I mention a warlock? Well at the time, instance stones weren't the summoning stones that they are now. Clicking on one would put you into a weird looking for group channel just for that instance which most people either didn't know existed or just ignored. Without the easy warlock summon, it was usually a long run. Warlocks also had the awesome ability to lifetap themselves to near death, agro a mob onto themselves, and die at the door. When they ran back to their body, they could rez on the other side of the door and use the lever, which all doors had nearby, to open the door for the group.

The day that the keyring was added to the game was the day that those of us who spent the time and effort getting instance key quests done, finally had available bag space! No longer would we have to run back to the bank and grab a key or hope that we would have bag space when the key dropped in Strat. The keys would all just automatically jump into our keyring. It was glorious. And soon the keyring will end its WoW Career and join the many outdated features of WoW past such as long attunement quest chains for raids, crafting resist gear for raids, having to wait until level 40 to get a land mount, being able to spec into all three trees almost equally, and being dismounted when you hit water.

Goodbye old friend, I will miss you. Whenever I run across a key of any sort, I will think fondly of our time together.

RIP Keyring (2005-2011)
RIP Most Keys (2004-2011)

Friday, May 6, 2011

With a quickness

Doing a short but quick blog post today because there are a few things I wanted to talk about but none of them is enough of a topic to dedicate a whole post to it. When combined though, there is enough to fill a blog post which is always a good thing. So stick around see you can learn a thing or two from your good old blogger friend Jed. First up is the two new heroics: Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman.

When ZA and ZG were announced as being two raids that were being reworked for level 85, there was a lot of uproar. Some people were on the side that it was a good thing because those two raids were great and they had good memories and some people were on the side that it was a horrible waste of time to do that instead of making new instances for us.

Which side am I on you may wonder? Well...I can see both sides of the argument but I do tend to lean towards the pro-ZA/ZG side. I raided both when they were each relevant and I had a lot of great experiences in each raid instance. I LOVED the look of some of the ZG weaponry/armor and I am really glad that I can see it once again. The fights while updated and slightly changed, manage to retain the feel of the original raid fights.

Are ZG/ZA cop outs and merely recycled content to keep us busy until we get a real content patch? I don't think so. Each instance isnt just the old raid instance with every mobs health/abilities increased to 85. There are a lot of changes to each fight to make it new while still feeling like the old fight. They have also added a quest chain that leads you to find out how ZG and it's many bosses were brought back. So in conclusion...I bring da voodoo and roll hax mon.

Next up:
If you are a caster class that doesn't use spirit as a primary stat and you find yourself in Zul'Gurub/Zul'Aman and caster gear with spirit on it drops AND the healer says that it is an upgrade for them...FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DON'T NEED ON THE PIECE! Especially if it is a boe and you are not going to wear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111ONE!! I ran Zul'Gurub the other day with two guildees and the epic boe spirit cloak dropped for us. I was happy because it was an upgrade for me so I needed on did the warlock in the group...and he won it. I was shocked and quickly explained that spirit is useless to warlocks now and that it was an upgrade for me and I asked if I could have it. His response? He was going to sell it and buy a cloak for himself and that it was boe so sorry for me.

Now being the nice and kind soul that I am, I informed him that I hoped he could heal himself because I sure as hell wasn't going to heal a ninja. After he died he whispered the tank(my GUILDEE) and tried snitching on me by telling him that I wasn't healing him. Obviously he didn't notice that 3 members of the group were from the same guild. We booted him, invited in another guildee and continued clearing the instance. Close to the last boss the Loot Gods were very kind to me and the cloak dropped again and this time all my guildees needed on it just in case the pug warrior decided he didn't like heals too. The tank won it and traded it to me and I gladly equipped it and enchanted it. Wherever that fail warlock is, I hope a rhino mistakes him for a campfire.

Last topic: Raid Progression!
This week my guild downed the Ascendant Council in Bastion of Twilight! Woots! This now makes our guild 7/12 in regular content and I couldn't be happier with how well we are doing. While we didn't one shot the council we only had a few wipes in the second phase before every got the fight better and then we moved into phase three easier and finally downed it. We are still recruiting by the way so if you are interested in raiding 10 mans with a fun loving guild that enjoys goofing around together and downing bosses, feel free to apply to join! We are always looking for good people who are level 85 and looking to have fun. Gear is nice to have but it isn't a requirement to join the guild. We do have stat minimums you have to meet before you can raid but you can meet and exceed those just by running a few heroics. Have questions about the guild and or joining? Leave a comment here, post on our forum, or even hit me up on twitter.

Forgot to mention that I have some of the best blog readers ever! In my last post I mentioned that no one had ever come to my blog by searching for the term "Jed is a sexy beast" and that had made me sad. Since that post at least one person has come to my blog by using that search term lol. So to whoever you are out there that was nice enough to do this for me...a big /hug goes out to you!
*End of Edit*
And that's it for now, I think I may try to do more frequent quick blogs like this instead of waiting for a big topic to come along. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Patch Day

With 4.1 being released today, the community is eagerly counting down the time until servers finally go back up and all the new shiny and sexy things that Blizzard has patched in can be devoured by the masses. I am sadly stuck at work and can't play until several hours after servers are supposed to come back up. Stupid real life responsibilities like bills and stuff. The only redeeming thing about being at work on major patch days is that inevitably server maintenance gets extended several hours and by the time that servers finally go up, I will either just be getting off work or I'll be home already.

So for those of you who are stuck at work patiently counting down until that magic time when you can slide down a dinosaur into your car and head home, I will try to entertain you! Emphasis on try. I was looking through keywords people used to find my site and some of them are interesting, some have a million variations of the same keyword, and some are just random. So away we go!

First search term to catch my eye:

How to ask guild for a raid
This one is funny because my first response was "Just ask in guild if anyone wants to run a raid!" I guess whoever came to my blog with that search term may be shy and looking for advice on how to participate in his or her guild raids. Best thing to do to get involved in guild raids is to become involved in the guild! Yes being shy sucks but sometimes you have to speak up in guild chat and hope for the best. IF you for some reason can't work up the nerve to talk in guild chat, you can wait for someone to ask for more in guild chat and whisper that person that you are interested in raiding.

Can u raid before running heroics in cataclysm?
Uhm...yes and no. Honestly if your guild is a super heroic mode farming kind of guild, they can definitely take your freshly dinged 85 into a normal raid and gear you out. For most people this will not happen. The majority of WoW players who just dinged 85 will need to farm heroics, craft gear, and buy rep pieces to prepare for raiding. If you expect to start raiding as soon as you hit level cap, you may be in for disappointment.

Can you queue for heroics just as you hit 85?
Yes you can but only IF you have been smart with your questing along the way to 85. There are several factions that have nice item level 333 gear that you only need revered reputation to purchase which are very nice. There are also several quests that reward very nice pieces of gear in the Twilight Highlands and Uldum that will also boost your average item level. You can purchase crafted gear that requires 85 and then use that as soon as you ding. Lastly, you can farm the hell out of Lost City, Grim Batol, and Halls of Origination for gear as soon as you are able to queue for them. So it is very doable but does take a little more effort to accomplish.

Cancel WoW subscription, is remaining time kept?
Not sure how this person ended up on my blog with this search term but the answer to that question is yes. When you cancel your subscription, whatever time you had left is already prepaid for so you don't lose that time. Now if you cancel your subscription the day it is supposed to be renewed than you won't have any left over time. I know several people who paid for their subscription several months in advance who then decided to cancel their subscription. They played until their time ran out and they either decided to renew or to go through with their plan and take a break from wow.

Do you have to discover the entrance to run 85 heroics?
As of a few patches ago, you no longer have to discover ANY instance entrance to be able to run it. Before this change, you would indeed have had to locate the entrance to Cataclysm instances to run them in normal or regular.

Friend wants to join my WoW guild?
Well good for your friend. Before you invite your friend to your guild, you may want to consider a few things. First off, what kind of guild are you in and will your friend fit in with that guild? Secondly if your friend doesn't fit in and leaves the guild, will it reflect badly on you? Thirdly, if your friend leaves the guild in a less then professional way will they expect you to leave the guild too? There are more questions that you should ask yourself but these are the first three that popped into my head when I read this question/search term.

Jeb pay for my Cataclysm and a month of game time.
First off...who is Jeb and why should he pay for you to play? Is he a millionaire with a soft spot for WoW players? If so can he pay for me to play too?

No one wants to join my guild.
Well...maybe it's a sign that there is something wrong with your guild. Is it named Fluffy Kitten Sex? When trying to get people to join your guild are you just randomly whispering people to join it? Are you spamming trade with an obnoxious and horribly misspelled message that throws grammar by the wayside? Do you try to actively recruit bad and annoying people into your guild? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you need to wonder no longer why no one wants to join your guild.

Now if you answered no to the above questions and are still struggling to recruit people then you may have to try changing your recruitment tactics. Maybe emphasis your guild level if its relatively high, or your progression, or even how full of nice people your guild is. Right now is a tough time for many guilds recruitment wise because there are some people are already bored of the current content and have taken breaks from the game until the next tier of raids is released. This causes more guilds to increase their recruitment drives to fill their raids which causes the number of people who are looking for guilds to slowly go down. Just keep at it and you will hopefully get people to join your guild .

WoW Jed Town
Yes I do indeed deserve a town of my own in WoW! Also I am not making this search term up, someone actually came to my site because they thought I was so awesome that I needed to be recognized with my own town. I am honestly not sure what this person was looking for but I hope they found it.

Jed is a Sexy Beast!
Ok this one I did make up. Sadly no one has come to my site with this search term...yet.

I think that's enough to entertain you all while servers are down being patched. Well I hope it entertained you anyway. If it didn't...well I apologize for nothing! At the very least I distracted you from looking at the remaining time left for maintenance for a few minutes.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Instances with Strangers

Lately I have been working on my getting my Gnome priest geared and ready to raid which means one thing...a lot of random instances. Sometimes I run with guildees who make the run much funner then it normally would but more often than not they are either pvping, in their own instances, or they secretly hate my priest because he is such a sexy gnome and they can't stand to be reminded that they are ugly and not Gnomes. That is my theory and I am sticking to it. Well when no one wants to run with me I do what I have been doing since Vanilla WoW...I pug an instance run. Some of you reading this are probably cringing at the thought of the looking for dungeon tool and there are times I can't blame you.

During my healing adventures I have run quick and painless instances and I have run horrible, disgusting, tear inducing instances. Now I have never healed on a priest in all the time that I have had a priest except for when I was spriesting it up and the real healer died forcing me to pop out of shadow and toss heals like my life depended on it...which more often than not it did. But that was on my human priest who has been shadow since day 1 of his existence. My Gnome priest was created to be a healer specifically. Why did I make another priest instead of just dual speccing my current priest? Well...I think Gnomes are awesome and if I can't have a Gnome Paladin, I might as well have a Gnome priest. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun with Raiding

Ah Raiding, the past time of champions. The creator and breaker of guilds everywhere. Like the One Ring, it will bring people together and bind them. Wait...scratch that. It's not quite as evil as the One Ring. In fact with the right guild, it's actually fun. Even wiping can be a less frustrating experience if you are surrounded by good people. Personally raiding for my guild is going pretty well as we are 5/12 which is not zomg uber world first but it's good enough for us at the moment.

How do we keep going as a raiding guild you may wonder? If you didn't wonder that well I am going to pretend that you did wonder it for the purposes of this post. Well we have been raiding as a guild since vanilla when epics were really epic and required a lot of time and effort to get just one epic. While some people have come and gone, we have kept the same officer core together which adds institutional memory to guild raids and activities. When explaining fights we'll reference past boss encounters which have similar mechanics and this helps people visualize the fight better.

The most important thing that we do as a guild that has kept us together is that we have fun. How do we have fun you are probably wondering. (And I am just going to say that you are wondering that so I can continue with my post.) Well...we have fun! Raiding is an activity that often leads to burnout if done in excess so you have to find things to ease the mood and make people relax and enjoy themselves.

We do get serious when we need to but we still manage to have a great time because we all remember that it's only a game. If we don't down the current internet dragon today, we'll get it the next raid. I don't think I have ever singled someone out and tore them a new one because we wiped on a boss due to something they did. I have raided with several other guilds over the years and while I have never had that happen to me, I have seen it happen to other people in the raid. To me that is just dumb and accomplishes nothing except making that one person feel like crap and reducing the raids morale. Happy raiders will stay in the raid until the boss dies, unhappy raiders want to leave after a wipe or two.

How do you keep your raiders happy? That is the million dollar question. Each raider is different, some will be happy only when bosses are downed, some are happy just being social in raids, some are happy just listening to everyone else talking. As a raid and even a guild leader, you have to figure out what makes your people tick. If all else fails...give away gold. Who doesn't like to receive free gold after all?

What do we do to keep the raid light and fun? We laugh throughout our raid, play /roll casino while buffing, tease whoever dies on trash, make jokes about having a designated person to die first in most encounters. The last one is a very serious thing we do as we have a person who just can't seem to stay alive on trash or on some bosses. Not because they are a complete fail but because they seem to be the person who gets targeted by mobs for bad debuffs, fire gets spawned under them, when tanks get cc'ed the adds turn as one and target that person. It's almost like Blizzard is trying to tell that person that he is not liked. We start our raids with guesses on how many deaths he will have by the end of the raid and the winner gets some gold. Why do we encourage sacrificing one person for the good of the raid? Because it's a joke and it helps lighten the mood. People go into boss fights in good spirits and ready to put forth their best.

Am I enjoying raiding? Yes. Do I enjoy the people I raid with? Yes. Is my guild recruiting? Yes. Was that a shameless plug? Yes. And so I end this ramble with the following piece of advice: Be excellent to each other.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Possible future Instances

This expansion has been out for 2 months now and most people have farmed heroics, downed raid bosses, ground out reputation with numerous factions, punched Nazi's goblins, used trunks to hide from explosions, ridden in submarines, worn octopus hats, ridden in tornadoes, stood in the fire, and many other activities. The question has to be asked...what's left to do? We know patch 4.1 will bring 2 new raids, one of which will be the Firelands. But what else should it bring? I think we need more 5 man instances. Burning Crusade brought 13 5 man instances at  launch and added one towards the tail end of it. Wrath launched with 12 5 mans and then patched in 4 along the way. This expansion launched with 7 NEW 5 man instances. Yes I know that most of the old vanilla instances were updated for newness and such but they are still OLD instances. We need more 5 man instances to keep us occupied.

Why do we need more 5 mans? Because half of this expansion is for characters under level 60. Yes you can go back to all the updated zones and redo the quests at 85 but to me theres a payoff missing for doing it. If you're leveling you get money, rep, xp for experiencing the newness. At 85 the money is usually not even enough to buy a stack of reagents, the xp gain does nothing at max level, and rep while nice if you're not exalted with a faction...may not be enough for some people. Blizzard has added so many things to help us level fast that we tend to skip complete zones while leveling and miss some of the new and interesting story lines.

With Heirlooms, dungeon quests and Guild XP gains, you barely get halfway through a zone before you are too high to really enjoy it. Yes you can always not wear heirlooms or run dungeons but that still doesn't address the fact that once you hit 60 you are no longer enjoying leveling because you're stuck in Outland with it's lame quests until you hit 68. And then you get to experience Northrend all over again except this time you can't abandon it at 78 for the new zones. You're stuck dinging 80 the old way. It's like the developers want to remind you that they have gotten much better at the game but they do this by making you go through old content.

Once you hit 85, most people are probably not going to go back through zones to quest and see the story lines. They will probably be too busy farming heroics for gear and rep which will lead them to over heroic themselves and burn out. There isnt a whole lot to do at 85 other then heroics and if you are really grinding them out to get geared you get bored of them real fast. We need new heroic instances to keep us entertained.

Update: So while I was busy with work and unable to post this yesterday, Blizzard decided to read my mind and release information about the new heroic 5 mans that they are adding. And by releasing information I mean it was all data mined by people who do things of that nature. So this can only lead me to believe that Blizzard is a fan of my work and has planted spy software on my computer to read what I write so they can make me happy. =D

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Sky Is Falling

Today, Ranting Jed is Ranting. It seems to me that whenever a patch is pushed into the game we see a resurgence of people whining about how suddenly their previously Over Powered will now no longer be able to one man a raid boss or take on a whole bg by themselves or some other dumb thing that they think should merit their class not being balanced with other classes. I think that I dread these whiners showing up more than I do watching my class be nerfed. These whiners will make grandiose statements such as "If this nerf goes through I will never play my class again!" or "This nerf will ensure that no one will roll this class and spec because it is no longer fun to play" or my favorite "This change has caused me to cancel my account because blizzard is being so unreasonable."

My response to statements like those above? Good bye, good riddance, and don't let the door hit you on the way out. Honestly if these whiners can't understand that the game needs to be balanced so that no one class is more powerful than any other class, they should go play something else. What makes WoW so fun is that it is constantly being fixed and tweaked so that the world is always changing and moving forward. The WoW developers are always watching to make sure that balance is kept. If they didn't do that...warriors would still be running around wielding arcanite reapers oneshotting mobs or ret paladins would gather reckoning stacks and unleash reckoning bombs on raid bosses, effectively soloing them. Ah the good old days. /nostalgia

Anyway back on topic, nerfs happen, tweaks happen, deal with it. Change like Spice, is life. If you feel your class is being nerfed into the ground today than look forward to tomorrow when it will be buffed to the heavens. Paladins are a great example of a class that is constantly being changed and tweaked. Back in vanilla, most raiding paladins were healers, ret pallies were rare and protadins were even more rare. BC made paladin healing more fun, prot more viable, and ret...well it was not as uncommon to see raiding retadins. Wrath made all three classes fun and viable to play in pvp and pve, but tankadins were made OP. Cataclysm so far has to make all three fun, although ret was nerfed a little because its mastery was a bum deal but that will be addressed in 4.0.6 which drops today and will make it more fun to play. Ask any vanilla paladin about their class and they can tell you all about nerfs and buffs and nerfs. It's an ever changing world we play in.

If you want to complain to anyone...don't bother talking to me as I have been a frost mage for almost 6 years now and my class has gone from everyone being frost in vanilla, to everyone being fire in BC, to everyone being arcane in wrath. The only people who were frost were people like me who rocked it, people leveling, and pvpers. When I joined a pug raid on my mage I had to constantly prove that I could rock the dps meters, which I of course did. It was only in very late wrath that frost was buffed and even than most people didn't consider it a viable spec unless you were skilled. Cataclysm has finally made it accepted in raids and for that I am happy and even though I am getting a few slight nerfs with this patch, I won't be complaining that the sky is falling. I know its necessary to balance the game.

If you can't one shot level 85 elites anymore after the patch...well maybe you should rethink about whether your class should be the only one who could do that and if that was fair to everyone else. Or better yet...remember that it's just a game after all.

Friday, January 14, 2011

How to succeed at Cataclysm Heroics

So I was thinking about my previous post about how much bad luck I was having running heroics at the time and like usual my mind started wandering all over the place. I eventually thought up a few things that puggers can do to ensure that their group succeeds or at least so that their run doesn't end in total failure. Keep reading after the break to find out how you too can succeed in heroics!