Thursday, January 27, 2011


My blog is a year old now. Wow. I honestly didn't think that when I started writing this blog that I would stick with it for a year or that I would even have any non guild readers. My very first post was on January 25, 2010 and I meant to write a huge year in review post but work kept interrupting me every time I wrote more then two sentences. So for the moment I will just post this while I try to finish the other post. Woots for a year of ramblings!

Oh and here are a few screen shots from the Gnomish Death Race that I held on sunday to celebrate my blogaversary. We had nine racers participate and everyone had a great time.
 A shot of the racers lining up at the start of the race:
 The race has begun:
 The pack enters the tunnel to Searing Gorge:
 The first racers into Burning Steppes:
 The winners crossing the finish line:
 Here are the three winners and my mage:

Thanks to everyone who participated in helping me celebrate. /cheers


  1. Happy Anniversary Jed! Wished I'd have been around for the race.

  2. Gnome racing is ... hmm ... about the third most fun thing you can do involving gnomes in Azeroth. The second is rolling over them in a flaming ball of death and the first is punting them ;)

    Happy bloversary!

  3. Thanks! Maybe next race you two should roll a gnome and participate! It's really a fun time.