Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Celebration

So on the 25th of this month I will celebrate my first blogaversary! Woots! I have decided to celebrate the best way I know ingame gnomish death race and you are all invited!! Now you may be asking yourselves what exactly is a gnomish death race? Well first and foremost its a race to the death! It is a race of level 1 gnomes from the gates of Ironforge to the gates of Stormwind. The race takes the gnomes through Khaz Modan, Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes, Redridge, and Elwynn.

Since the occasion is my blogaversary I am inviting all my faithful blog readers to join in on the fun! The race will take place on Sunday January 23 at 2 PST at the gates of Ironforge. All you have to do is be there on a level 1 gnome ready to race! Why race you may ask? Well other than the fact that the race is fun, the winner will receive 500g, second place receives 300g, and third place gets 200g. If you are interested in participating and you're on a different server...well...I will have a banner announcing that you have placed in the top 3 of the race which you can display on your blog or make a forum signature out of it. Or you can just have bragging rights!

If you are interested in participating please leave a comment letting me know or contact me through email: jedimas729 (at) gmail (dot) com or ingame by whispering Jedem on the Alliance side of the US-Ursin server! It will be a great time and I hope to see a lot of people there!

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