Thursday, July 22, 2010

Celebrating a milestone

Once upon a time, 5 years to be exact, a semi new WoW player rolled a new character on a brand new PvP server (Ursin) with friends from school in order to start fresh so we could all level together with no one having any advantage. Well suddenly after an hour or so of playing as alliance everyone, except for one person who was out to lunch, decides to delete their alliance characters and reroll as horde. Well the poor guy who was out eating lunch came back and found out that he had been abandoned on a new server and all the friends who were supposed to level with him were now his most hated enemies. Whatever was he to do? Well...he was a stubborn bastard and he decided to stay alliance and level to 60 to spite all his friends. 5 years later and all the friends have either stopped playing or moved to other servers and none of them are on Ursin...except for the lone alliance member.

In case my faithful readers have not figured it out by now (and if you didn't...I have a bridge to sell you) that lone alliance player was yours truly.  I had bought a guild charter the day we all started on Ursin so we could make a guild of RL friends from school but they all vanished so I lost their signatures when they went horde. I had to spend a night spamming for signatures in Goldshire along with Battman (trying to get Dark Knights of Gotham up and running) and someone from Red. Took me a day to get the guild together but on July 24th 2005 Avengers of Azeroth was finally born. Thats right we are turning 5 on Saturday and man has it been a long and fun journey to get here. I leave you readers with a fun story from our vanilla raiding days and maybe if you guys are lucky I'll post more fun experiences from the past 5 years.

One of my memorable raid moments was in MC when we were pugging about half the raid. Well we were short a few people of a full raid so we started asking everyone if they knew anyone who was over 55 and keyed for MC. I get a whisper telling me "I know a druid that would come, only thing though...he is 56."

So after taking a few minutes to think about it, I made the decision to go ahead and bring him in. We did well actually, we would dps stuff and he would run in after us and join in the dpsing. We made it past Lucifron and were facing Magmadar. I explained the fight, we all got ready, and then it all went to hell. We did ok at first then all of a sudden the MT died, and another warrior jumped in for a little until he died! Well all the remaining warriors did the same thing(we had 5 since mc required 5) and we finally had no warrior tank and mag was running loose. Suddenly the 56 druid bear forms it and I scream at the healers to spam that bear with every healing ability they had! Was extremely touch and go for a bit but when all was said and done, Mag was dead! Tanked by a 56 druid. Now these days with druids tanking everything its not a big deal but this was way back when druid tanking was uncommon and most of the time it was laughed at. It was one of those "Holy shit did that just happen moments?!" Hell back then taking any class not 60 into MC was unheard of and only crazy people would do it, well that night we proved that we are one crazy guild!

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