Thursday, July 15, 2010

Plans for the remaining time left in Wrath

As the clock slowly ticks away until the expansion finishes beta and is finally amongst us, people seem to be either checking out of the game until it launches or they are dong their darnest to keep busy. I happen to be in the second group. Like a presidential administration trying to get out as many eleventh hour pardons out as possible, I'm getting together a list of things that I want to get done before the expansion comes along and ties me down with new stuff to do. I've put together a bucket list that I plan on completing as fast as I possibly can.(whenever I remember)

What is in my bucket list you ask? Well it's elementary my dear Watson...

1. Kill the Lich King.
2. Get Loremaster.
3. Attain 100 mounts.
4. Collect 25 tabards.
5. Get Thunderfury.
6. Become a Chef.
7. Finally finish Ulduar.
8. Get BoA gear ready for my worgen rogue.
9. Trick out all my alts in epic flyers. Possibly with rims and a spoiler.
10. Get moar vanity pets!

Some of these goals are not too difficult to obtain and some are mind numbingly tedious(I'm looking at you Thunderfury!) but they are going to keep me busy until the cataclysm happens and everyone goes crazy. Well crazier then they normally are. I meant to post this like a month ago but work kept me busy so I wasn't able to post it which is why my mage is close to finishing at least a few of them. I'll post updates on the goals and how close I am to completing them but for the moment:
1. Our raid group is currently 11/12 in ICC10 so this may very possibly be done soon.
2. I'm like 40 quests away...but there are a lot of group quests and this area is heavily phased. :(
3. 70/100 atm. I have 2 pvp mounts left then I start farming for instance drop mounts like the Baron mount and the H MgT chicken mount.
4. 19/25 and I've gotten all the pvp tabard. I'm currently in the process of grinding out the last two factions in bc that give tabards as well as doing the quest in shadowmoon to get a tabard .
5. Oh bindings why don't you ever drop? I farming the two MC bosses for this every week almost and I've slacked off on it. I need to start back up and hope I have better loot luck.
6. I am two achievements away from this but I've been too lazy to farm up the meat for this one lol. I need to get Critter Gitter and then cook 3 northrend recipes and I'll be Chef Jedem.
7. This one may take a while as getting an Ulduar run going is difficult.
8. This one I'll have to farm up a ton of badges for but I don't think it will be too horrible.
9. After I get loremaster and finish farming for both mounts and tabards I should have made a mint from selling all the quest rewards/instance drops that I've collected.
10. This one is more of an open ended goal as I have collected 105, well over the highest vanity pet achievement out there which requires only 75.

That is the state of my list at the moment. I'll do my best to update it as I finish stuff.


  1. My bucket list?

    (1) Get BOA gear for the Worgen Rogue
    (2) Farm myself up a crapton of gold as I have found this is the only thing that really transaltes from one expansion to another.

  2. For me, it will be listening to the stories of the people who are playing out the rest of WotLK, and keeping up to date with news of Cata.

    School better be worth not playing WoW ^_^.

    Good luck with getting all those goals :).