Monday, July 12, 2010

How bout that Blizz

So friday after all the uproar that Blizzard caused with it's proposed changes to the forum and RealID, the CEO Mike Morhaime announced that the whole real names on the forum shenanigans were not happening after all. My first thought upon hearing this was LAWLS! I mean it was a good idea but it was implemented so horribly. I don't know who thought up how to implement it but man are they lacking ideas. Then I Blizzard must have taken a lot of crap for them to cancel their plans and on top of that to have their CEO announce it. Clearly there was some serious crow eating over at the Blizzard HQ. But on the bright side of things, people can no longer say that Blizzard does not listen to the masses. This is a prime example of them doing so. Funny how things worked out. Also I'm posting about it today and not on friday because I have some free time at work at the moment and I didn't on friday. So enjoy this post!

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