Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Totemic Recall

Hmm still working on the name for the posts about my new shaman...not sure what it will end up being. Anyway, back to the matter at hand: MY SHAMAN! Rhommel dinged lvl 10 last night! Woots! I decided that I hate the draenei starter zone so I ran to the human starting area which is a lot easier to do now since there is a boat from Auberdine to SW harbor. As someone who had to do the long death run from Menethil Harbor to IF/SW back in the day, I really appreciate this shortcut.

So far the biggest concern I have for my shaman is bag space. I only have a 4 slot bag that I got from a quest reward, I suppose I'll have to start selling herbs on the ah for moneys to buy some more bags. So far playing my shaman is fun because of the limitations I set for myself. I think it makes the game a little bit more challenging and closer to what my experience was the first time I leveled a character. Oh and by the way murlocs are the bane of my existence once again! Especially the murlocs that decide to use a potion when they are nearly dead, I mean who does that anyway? How dare you use a pot when I've nearly killed you...and then you kill me! The outrage! The horror! The exclamation point! 

I think I got a little side tracked there, anyway I put my talent point into enhancement and picked up a sexy gray two handed axe which cost me all my hard earned silver to train in!(well technically it was also training 2h maces and then 2h axes) I can't wait for level 15 when I get to start using the LFD tool. I think it will be interesting actually running lowbie instances with fellow lowbies instead of run through. Oh VC boat wheel, how I have missed jumping on you to avoid a group wipe! My shaman's future is looking bright!

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