Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ICC Raiding Tips

So ICC has been out a while now and people have been finding out all sorts of little tips and tricks to get it cleared. From all the reading I've done and my own personal experience I've decided to share some of these fun little tips for ICC! Some are known already and some may be new but for anyone who is just now getting into the raid, they will hopefully all be helpful.

Oh and a quick note, I am trying out a new thing in my blogs: breaking them up a little so readers don't have to scroll through a wall of text to read past blogs. I will also be trying to mess with the graphic part of the blog but that might take me a little bit longer lol. If anyone has any feed back please be sure to leave some.

Well lets start off:

  • Trash is killer! If you keep getting killed by Deathbound Wards after accidentally triggering 2 traps as you pull in the first wing? Well if you have a rogue they should be stealthing around the room and either disarming or if you're after rep, telling you where the traps are so you can intentionally trigger them. If you dont have a rogue in your raid group, a warlock can also be useful. The lock can use their eye of kilrogg to float around the room and trigger the traps. If it gets too close to a group of mobs, well they will kill the eye and then return to their previous positions without agroing onto your group. Dont have a warlock either? Well...if anyone has a crashing thrashing racer, they can use the racer the same way as the eye of kilrogg.
  • Fire damage on Marrowgar is avoidable to everyone but the tanks. Lord Marrowgar has a rather large hit box which is to your advantage. If you click on him you will see a red circle on the ground, if your entire raid stands in that red circle, no one should take any damage from his cold wave. The only ones who may need to step a little away will be hunters but they should be able to be close enough that your melee can run to them and dps down any bone spikes that make target them.
  • Cold wave is not fire damage, its actually frost damage. If you have a paladin, have them use frost resistance aura or have a shaman drop frost resist totem. Any damage your tanks can resist when it comes to the cold wave can only help your healers out.
  • On the Lady Deathwhisper fight, shaman and mages can shine on adds if they are quick to either spellsteal or purge add debuffs. Cult fanatics will get a buff called vampiric might, which increases their damage by 25% AND heals them for 300% of all damage they deal. The buff only lasts 15 seconds but if a mage is quick to steal it, they can rock the dps charts for at least 15 seconds!
  • People assigned to cannons should jump in them and start firing randomly to build up heat before you even start the fight. Anyone doing cannons will see their rage/mana bar build up with each cannon shot they shoot. If you get it to 90 then use your second ability, it will do even more damage. Gunners should be shooting at the axe throwers on the other ship as the cannons do damage to everything it hits and even if its only for a few seconds, a dead axe thrower means less damage is being done to your raid. 
  • Rocket packs are not only fun they also deal damage! If your gunship boarding party is good with their rockets they can do a double jump onto the other ship and land on the mage dealing damage before they even start attacking. The longer your jump is the more damage you do. I've personally done 10k damage with a quick double jump which helps your dps burn the mage down faster.
  • Shields of any kind can only help you against Deathbringer Saurfang. Discipline priests really shine on this fight because any damage that is absorbed by a shield does not give Saurfang blood power! All priests should be shielding anyone taking damage in this fight. Paladins should hand of protection anyone who gets a mark of the champion on them, when the bop ends, they will still have the debuff on them but at least they wont take damage for a few seconds. Edit: Due to blizzard stealth nerfing the fight, this is no longer true :(
  • If you have a druid and a paladin in the group, once a mark of the champion is placed on a dps, the paladin can DI the person and the druid can rez the paladin. You'll lose the dps from that person but at least they wont take any damage and your healers won't have to heal that person and the raid.
  • Festergut does shadowstorm damage, which is a combination of shadow and nature damage. Shadow protection buff from a priest, shadow resist aura, aspect of the wild, and nature resist totem are all helpful for this fight.

Well that's all I can think of for the moment, like before if I think of any more helpful tips I'll be sure to post them.


  1. You could link guildies/PUGs before raids to this post to help explain fights before going in to ICC :).

    I like the new header, and your theme is generally easy to read. The only suggestion I would make is adding a coloured (Aussie spelling ftws) strip/column behind the text (e.g. white) to make it easier on the eyes.

  2. I was under the impression that saurfang builds blood power even on misses. Absorbed hits don't count?

  3. Well to answer your question, I did some reading on wowwiki and apparently they patched it so that shielded targets still give him blood power. It was an unlisted change which is why I did not know about it. Thanks for bringing it up and making me check, I'll be sure to edit the post.

  4. "Gunners should be shooting at the axe throwers on the other ship"

    Another option is for the gunners to be taking out the rocketeers in the back of the enemy ship. Ranged DPS on your ship are usually more than sufficient to take out the axe throwers. Also, the rocketeers do damage to your ship as well as raid members who don't get out of the way.