Sunday, March 28, 2010

A new look at enhancement shaman

So I've decided to level a new shaman character and to level him as enhancement. Not only that, but I am going to level him with no BoA gear, no run throughs from higher level friends, no special help from anyone. This alt will be played just like someone who has just started playing the game. The only thing that I will do that a new player cant do is that I will put the new shaman in my guild. I think I would lose interest real quick if I didn't have access to my guilds chat lol.

I have decided on a name already(after a few hours of trying to come up with a good one): Rhommel. This name is the closest I could get to the original Rommel's name. What can I say, I'm a history nerd as well as a WoW nerd. I'll be doing my best to document how my progress is and how different it is to level again with no outside help. One thing is sure, it's going to be interesting.

Hello world, meet Rhommel:


  1. Woot another Jed alt.

    I remember, when I was asking you for help about leveling my Shaman, you telling me you were planning to make a Shaman alt so you could own as Enhance.

    Whenever I started a character to play 'just like my first', I always got frustrated at the lack of gold, and sent over bags and stuff, then it kind of became pointless. What are you doing for gold? Professions?

  2. Picked up alchemy and herbalism for cash and I always sell everything and anything that I am not using while leveling up. If quest rewards are useless I usually pick the one that sells for the most and then just sell it. Bag space is an issue atm but I'm sure I'll either get some more to drop or just buy some off the ah after saving up some gold.