Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pugs and Not Healing them

So a guildee brought this blog post to my attention and after reading it and giggling a little bit I started thinking about all the pugs I've had to heal since the LFD tool was introduced. As a healer or tank you hold all the power in the group and sometimes...that power can corrupt! I think all tanks and healers that have had to pug runs have a list of people they either don't heal or intentionally let pull agro so they will die. Now please don't read this as I'm bad and let everyone die because I hate people and puppies and all that is good including pie. I LOVE PIE! And rightfully so, it is a wonder food after all.

Anyways back on track, damn delicious pie always making me forget what I was doing with its deliciousness. So I made a list of my own of the people I WON'T heal or take agro off of.
1. People who call you by your class. An example is "hey shaman do this or hey paladin tank the mobs here. I have a name, its right there visible to everyone in the instance. Takes two seconds to call me by my name so there is no reason to be lazy. Yes we are only going to be forced together for a short amount of time but that is still no reason to not show some courtesy...especially when your life is in my hands.
2. People who refuse to watch their agro even though they have a way to misdirect their threat elsewhere.(I'm looking at you hunters and rogues!) As a tank I especially dislike these people and when they pull I may or may not take a few seconds longer to taunt off them. Usually on my paladin I don't have threat problems unless someone starts dpsing a mob before it even hits my consecrate. Now my warrior on the other hand, he can always use a misdirect/tricks of the trade on him every chance its available. Its not hard to target the tank, use your misdirect ability and then go buck wild on a target. I do it on my hunter all the time even if the tank has a solid threat lead on everyone. I also feign every cool down its available, its a good habit to pick up because you never know if your tank will suck the big one on threat and you'll pull with your first attack.
3. People who can't even spell their own class name. Yes Mr. Rouge I'm talking to you! After I point out that your class is called rogue not rouge and you continue to call yourself a piece of makeup, there is only so much I can do to make you understand. So for not wanting to get must die. Negative reinforcement might just do you a little good.
4. People who join a heroic, inspect everyone, and then proclaim that with such crappy gear scores "there is no way you guys can do heroic UK" and then promptly drop group. First off, it’s a heroic not ICC10/25; secondly, people were running heroics in quest greens/normal instance blues not that long ago so get over yourself. I can’t wait for the deserter debuff to be increased to 30 minutes just so these people have to wait longer to requeue.
4. People who think that just because their gearscore is slightly higher then mine, that they can tell me what to do. I have over 10 level 80 characters and have geared them through heroics more times then I'd care to remember. I know the instance and I know my class, so politely take your advice and sit on it. I don't care if you are clearing hard mode LK25 all by yourself, it's my money I am spending to play this game and I will play it the way I want to play it.
5. People who constantly spam dps meters. Great you did 3k dps on a critter, I am sure that you are awesome. Now please do me a favor and play the game instead of looking at a meter. I am not sure why people think that everyone is impressed that they did 10k on an aoe trash pull. Now if it had been on a boss, well that would be pretty impressive and I'd like to see the meter on that one.
6. People who don't run back after a wipe can sit there until they release and run back. Unless you went afk and said something in party before doing so, expect to see the group moving on past your lifeless corpse or expect to be kicked. I really hate it when it’s the tank that does this because they aren't as easy to replace.
7. Nerd Ragers. These are the people who rage about how crappy a tank or healer or even other dps are when the group wipes. As we all rebuff and move on, I like letting them die just to giggle at them raging about how much of a baddie I am. <3 vote kick option.
8. Chronic AFK'ers. They join the group, go afk for 5 minutes, dps for a few pulls and pull agro each time, go afk again, come back and whine about how long the run is taking. My response to them is.../vote kick
9. Needers. This is a term I've come up for people who manage to need on everything and anything that drops. A green belt with 66 spirit? Clearly they need it! Shame they can't need on my heals.
10. Speeders. These are people who have to go in like 5 minutes and want the rest of the group to pull everyone all at once. Sometimes if it is the tank, they will check with me if it's cool for them to chain pull. If it's a dps...well I honestly hope that they are going to enjoy chain dying.

I can easily think of more but I think a list of 10 has a certain ring to it. Maybe I'll make it a blog feature. Well, I leave with a question for you readers. Have any pet peeve behaviors you hate in pugs?

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  1. For me personally, number 1 stands out. The amount of times people spam party chat with 'rez me druid', 'heal me druid' etc. is just fail.

    Overall I've found PUGs through the LFD to be mostly good experiences, but it's those few people who have no common sense and do the things you've mentioned that wreck it for everyone.