Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quality Control

Every day I log into my GM character and I go through a list of things before I start playing the game. First I check to see who is online so that when I say hello and I won’t wonder why I haven’t gotten a response back if it’s only me online. Next I check the guild info panel to see if anyone has joined the guild while I was offline or to make sure no one has mysteriously gquit in the middle of the night when no one was online. The last thing I do is check the Guild Finder to see if we have had any anyone try applying to the guild through it.

What is the Guild Finder you may be asking yourselves? Well Blizzard added in a Looking For Guild feature a few patches ago, that allowed guilds to list themselves as recruiting. If you are looking for a guild you’d type /gf, enter in your information in the screen that pops up, and you are presented with a list of guilds that are listed as recruiting. It shows you a guild’s level, achievement points, whether they are looking for in more people for PvE, RP, or PvP as well as a comment box with information about the guild.

Every other week I have 2-3 people who "app" to my guild this way and each time the exact same thing happens: Lazy App'er #1 will "app" and then never log on...ever; Lazy App'er #2 will log on very briefly at 9 am on a sunday morning and log off before I can even whisper them and point them to our site; Lazy App'er #3 will log on and off randomly when I'm in an instance and can't whisper them and log off before I finished and when I am finally able to talk to them, they have joined a spam invite guild and are no longer interested. As I have said before: Frustration thy name is guild recruitment.

If you are applying to a guild through the Guild Finder, maybe you can make it easier on whoever reads your interest note. You can put times you're on, names of alts that you play regularly, or even a contact email. If I had any of these three I would be much happier with the Guild Finder and I'd probably have more success with it. It's at this point that you are probably thinking to yourselves "WHO CARES?! MAKE WITH THE FUNNIES!" or something along those lines. Well the thing is that I had someone "app" to my guild that I had to read several times to make sure it really said what it said. I figured I'd write a post about how funny this was to me but mid post I felt like I had to explain what exactly the Guild Finder tool is.

What was in this "app" you may be wondering to yourself. Well wonder no more for I bring the funny image! Warning image may not be that funny:

The guy is a trade chat troll who we turned away from our Guild Dragon Soul raid when we were short 2 dps and were pugging people. Yes, we were shorthanded and pugging and we still turned him away. He got mad and wanted to know if it was because of a specific person that he couldn't go to the raid. He kept trying to inquire about this even after I bluntly told him that he wasn't getting into the run. He figured it was someone that he had offended in trade and he claimed that he wanted to talk to them to either apologize to them or convince that he should come with. I guess I should thank him because he inspired me to write this blog post.

If you are using the Guild Finder tool, please don't be this moron. Please use common sense, please continue to log on regularly after "apping," please pull your application from the other guilds you've "apped" to if you get into a guild. For my sanity I ask you to do this. Please?

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