Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bad World PVP

Let me start this story by stating that the server that I play on is a pvp server. I’ve played on this server since it opened up in 2005 and as a result I’ve seen my fair share of world pvp. When I was a young mage questing in Redridge, it was a common occurrence to have high level horde raid the town and gank every poor lowbie alliance person they saw. On a pvp server you often get used to such douche baggery happening and when you are higher level and able to do something about it, most people often do. I can remember several pvp battles in Lakeshire, Menethil Harbor, and the ever famous Southshore. Sometimes the pvp fights were a nice distraction and sometimes they were a rather large annoyance but being on a pvp server, you knew what you could expect at any time. To me this made the game a little more deadly and exciting. Not everyone’s cup of tea I suppose.

Sadly as the years have gone by, my server population went from medium in vanilla to low in BC and has stayed there since. Every now and then it’ll pop up briefly to medium before sinking back into its usual low pop status. What does this mean? Well it means that while leveling a lowbie alt you’re more likely to see a group of mobs having a naked dance party than seeing a horde. In fact that’s one of the biggest selling points I tell people on twitter when I tell them to roll on my server to play with me! This is mostly true except for poor Megs who kept running into horde who managed to kill her often.  Anyway, because our population is so low, world pvp doesn’t happen that often. This is great for leveling alts but bad for people who want to pvp.

Due to the low pop numbers, many people have played on the server but have no clue how to really do world pvp and when faced with it, fold like a house of cards. The other night I logged onto my mage, who was 87 at the time, in Halfhill and was mailing stuff to an alt. Suddenly, I found myself cheap shotted and unable to move. Obviously a rogue decided that he would gank a clothie and get some honor. I waited a few seconds for the guards to show up and kill him and to my surprise they didn’t. Well instead of sitting back and letting him get free honor from killing me, I decided to make him work for his honor. I tossed on ice barrier, frost nova’ed him, and proceeded to not only kill him, but to kill him so hard that he should have been seriously embarrassed. He was 87 as well and when I looked him up later on the armory, he had all MoP gear.

The guy had the advantage of surprise and gear and yet he failed. He popped all his cool downs and only managed to get me to 50% health. It was hilarious to watch. After he died I bandaged myself and went back to the mail box to continue my business. I figured that he wouldn’t try again since he never even got me close to dead. I might have underestimated him because not 30 seconds later I found myself cheap shotted again. I got him to 20% this time before a horde priest showed up and healed him to full. As I had no healer I decided to run into the guards so that they would agro onto him and kill him. Damn guards killed me BUT they also killed the rogue and chased down the priest and killed him. I figure that because of that it was worth dying to guards.

Well later when I was out questing with my guildee who was a prot warrior, the same damn rogue tries to gank me again! We both proceed to turn to him and stomp him into the ground. As I said before, I’ve done my fair share of pvp in WoW and in Vanilla I managed to get the Knight rank which required a lot of honor grinding. My guildee is all about the pvp and was a Knight-Lieutenant in vanilla. We both wear our pvp ranks as our titles. This silly rogue was so obsessed with killing me that tried to attack two seasoned pvp’ers. We killed him and in vent I tell him about my earlier adventures with the rogue. We both had a good laugh and went about our questing.

You’d think that this would be the end of the story right? Well you’d be wrong because not more than 20 minutes later the damn rogue tries to gank me again. My guildee was gathering a bunch of mobs and tanking them while I aoe’ed them down in melee range. The rogue tried to gank and before he could even do more than stun me, my guildee charged him and proceed to wail away on him. We stomp him into the ground again and loot the mobs we killed. 20 minutes later the rogue has had enough of trying to gank and has decided to just harass us by sapping one of us and distracting the other. He only did this for a few minutes and went away. We figured that he was trying to annoy us since he knew that he couldn’t take us on. We continued questing and another 20 minutes later…you guessed it, I was cheap shotted once again. At that point it was just sad that he kept trying to kill me but we still killed him.

I think that this was the final straw for him because the rogue left us alone for the rest of the night. Yesterday my guildee was running around farming up ore when he spots the rogue and decided to gank him! The rogue was so bad that he got ganked by a prot warrior who had mobs on him. He announced it in vent and we had a laugh. My wife was in vent with us and asked about it and after I told her about the bad rogue she laughed.

I think the moral of this story is: if you try and gank someone on a pvp server, don’t try and gank someone with a pvp title. If you do try and fail at ganking them, don’t keep trying to gank them repeatedly because they will keep killing you. I honestly think that this rogue figured I was an easy kill because he’s probably ganked many bad pvp’ers. You’d think he’d have learned his lesson after the second time I killed him. I still shake my head and giggle at how bad that guy was. World pvp, more like world free honor from bad rogues!

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  1. Silly rogue. Perhaps he liked that you and your warrior friend were such a challenge. I can imagine that by the end of the story, there was some keyboard smashing, though!

    Even though I've spent most of my time in WoW on a PvP server, the only thing I've really managed to master is the art of running away like a coward! I did notice that when I used to wear my amazing Sargeant title *cough* that I copped a LOT more PvP heat than usual. Perhaps some players see it as an invitation?

    Great story :)