Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Beta or not To Beta?

First off I want to state that I still don't have a beta key. I know, it's a crime that I have not received one yet. But as I sit at my computer reading and MMO-Champion, I can't help but lust over all the pictures of worgen running around, all the old world flying being done, and of course all the sexy new talents that I have not been able to allowed to interact with. I have to take a moment and seriously ask I really want to play in the Beta?

Do I really want to spoil all the awe inspiring newness that the Cataclysm is sure to bring? Do I really want my first hand impression of cataclysm to be a buggy and incomplete beta? Do I really want to deal with the frustration of the beta client crashing midway through stuff constantly? Do I really want to not experience the joy of downing instances with my guildees?

But...on the other hand all the information coming out of the beta makes it look really amazing and I really, really, really want to try it. Worgen look so awesome and flying in the old world looks so incredible. Seeing all of the new content before anyone else dos would definitely be so cool. Playing around with the new talent trees would also let me get used to them before they go live so I could totally have an advantage over everyone else.

Right now all of this has just been a silent argument in the back of my head but if I get a beta invite...expect some serious back and forth arguments about whether I should do it or not. What would you guys do? Would you beta it up or would you wait for the finished product?

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  1. If I got a beta boyfriend would steal it. =(