Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Continuing Story Adventures

Jumping out the window was the winning choice last week. So here is the fun story you've been waiting for! As always please leave a comment with your choice for next week's adventure and thanks for reading!

The stranger gathered the few things he has brought in with him and walked to the door. He heard noises outside in the hallway which made him pause. “That doesn’t sound like people leaving the inn because of the fire,” he thought to himself. He heard footsteps coming down the hallway to his door and he took a step back and prepared himself. “Whoever it is, they aren’t getting me without a fight.”

Suddenly the door flew open and two shadowed figures walked into the room. Their weapons were drawn and they seemed ready to use them, which meant that the stranger had little chance of getting out of the room alive. Each figure had what looked like a short sword or possibly a long dagger; It was hard for the stranger to tell in the darkness. The stranger looked behind the two figures and saw that one of the other doors was open and that two more figures were preparing to enter a third room.

“Whatever you want, I’m sure I don’t have it.” The stranger told the two, as he slowly backed up drawing them more into the room. “If you’ll let me be, I’ll be more than glad to let you go about your business.”

The two figures kept moving closer and closer to the stranger. “Guess words aren’t going to get me out of this one. I’ll have to do this quick so I can get out of here before more of them come in here and see what’s holding up their two friends,” the stranger thought.

The stranger faked a step forward towards the figure on the right and when he saw that the figure took a sudden step back, the stranger jumped at the figure on the left. He kicked at his attackers left knee and was rewarded when he heard the sound of a bone breaking .The attacker went down crying out in pain. The second figure swung his sword at the stranger but thankfully for the stranger, the attacker was slow and clumsy with the swing. The stranger had just enough time to step to the side and avoid the attack.

The stranger aimed a punch at the attackers face and after it connected, the stranger grabbed the figure and pushed him towards the room’s window. The attacker slammed into the wall and wobbled a little on his feet. The stranger didn’t give his opponent time to recover, he rushed the attacker and punched him in the stomach causing the figure to drop his sword and double over.  The stranger brought his knee up to the attacker’s face and after it connected, the attacker was amazingly still standing.

The stranger heard the sound of people running towards his room and thought “That’ll be more bodies in this room trying to kill me. I need to do something to get out of here and I need to do it right now.”

The stranger looked at his opponent who was getting ready to try and attack the stranger or at least keep him busy enough until his friends could arrive to even the odds. The stranger came up with a quick plan and bent down to pick up the figure’s sword without taking his eyes off his opponent. He swung the sword at the figure but he did it slowly so that the figure had to jump back towards the wall. The stranger threw the sword at the window and grabbed the attacker in a bear hug. He pulled the figure to him and launched both of them out the window. The ground came up rather quickly but the attacker’s body managed to absorb most of the fall damage leaving him seriously hurt.

The stranger slowly stood up and looked around to see that the town had fallen into chaos. Some of the guards and the townspeople were trying to put out the fire before it did any more damage but it looked like they were going to be too late because the fire had spread to the inn. As the stranger was checking himself to make sure that nothing was broken from the fall, a few guards came running at him. In the lead was the same guard from earlier.

“What are you doing?” the guard yelled at the stranger as he looked down at the body on the ground.  “What did you do to that guy?”

The guard pointed a sword at the stranger.

“He attacked me and there are more of them up in the inn so instead of trying to stab me, you should go upstairs and check on the other people in there,” the stranger said. “But you better hurry or you won’t find anyone alive before the inn burns down.”

“You and I will go in and look for your so-called attackers,” the guard said as he pulled the stranger into the inn. “Try anything and my guards will kill you before you can leave the building. One of you go let the Marshal know that the inn is in danger and there may be some people trapped inside.”

The guard and the stranger walked into the inn and looked around. It appeared deserted but smoke was slowly starting to creep into the building. The two walked to the kitchen to look for the innkeeper or his assistant. When they opened the door to the kitchen, they found the innkeeper, his assistant, and the cook all unconscious and tied up. They both ran over to the bodies and the guard checked for signs of life.

“They’re alive but knocked out. Grab some water quickly,” The guard yelled at the stranger. Once he was given a water bucket, he splashed some water on the three. All three bodies started moving and coming to life.

“Who… what happened?” The innkeeper asked as the guard untied him. “My head is killing me.”

“We’ll have time later for answers. Gather yourselves and get out now before the fire spreads more,” the guard commanded them.

All three nodded and got up to make their way out of the inn.

“Let’s check upstairs,” the guard said.

“Fine but remember that there were several figures up there and that they are very deadly,” the stranger replied. “So tread carefully because I am not risking my neck for you.”

Together the pair walked up the stairs carefully so as not to make any noise that would alert anyone. When they reached the second floor hallway, they saw that the doors to all the rooms were wide open. 

They moved to the closest open door slowly and quietly and looked in.

They saw the body of the dwarf lying on the ground surrounded by obvious signs of struggle. The guard moved to the dwarf’s body and checked it. “He’s alive too. Looks like he is starting to wake up.”

“Wha hit me?” The dwarf asked.

“We were hoping that you could tell us,” the guard answered.

“Where is tha gnome?” The Dwarf yelled. “I woke up to him bein' attacked so I ran out here ta try to save ‘im when I ran intae thae group ‘o bandits.”

The three got up and walked into the next room and found similar signs of struggle but no body. They walked into the last room and they saw a small body that could only belong to a gnome. The gnome had a large dagger buried in his chest and his face had a permanent look of shock.

“Oh nae laddie,” the dwarf said as he ran to the gnome’s body.

“I hate to be the one to ruin this moment but I think we need to make an exit now,” the stranger said as he pointed to the last room. “It looks like the fire is about to move into this hallway and take us with it.”

“Grab the gnome and let’s go!” The guard yelled at the dwarf.

The dwarf snapped out of his sad thoughts and carefully picked up the gnome’s limp body and quickly carried him out. The guard and the stranger ran out behind the dwarf as the fire started spreading along the second floor.

Outside the inn, guards and townsfolk were forming a bucket brigade to put out the fire. The stranger took a look at the fire and thought to himself, “At the rate the fire is moving, they won’t be able to stop the fire before the inn has completely burned to the ground. I need to do something or more people will get hurt fighting this fire.”

“Everyone, stand back!” The stranger yelled at the crowd.

“What do you think you’re doing? Those people need to put out that fire before it spreads any 
further!” The guard said.

“Be quiet. I need all my concentration for this.” The stranger snapped. The stranger began making strange gestures and mumbling in an unknown language. The temperature plummeted even with the fire from the inn. The crowd started huddling together for warmth as they stared at the stranger who continued working his magic.

Suddenly it began snowing, gently at first but building up to a fierce blizzard. The stranger pointed a finger at the inn and the blizzard seemed to direct its full force in that area. The fire had no chance against a blizzard of that magnitude and was finally extinguished. Both the inn and the surrounding houses were no longer on fire. The stranger stopped his channeling and breathed a deep sigh of relief as the blizzard dissipated as quickly as it began.

“You’re…you’re a mage!” The guard said in stunned disbelief.

“That’s still none of your business and don’t you forget it. Now let’s take a look at the gnome and see if we can figure out what caused all of this chaos tonight.” The mage said as he walked to where the dwarf was standing over the body.

“Let’s have a good look at the dagger that killed him,” the mage said as he pulled the dagger out of the gnome’s chest.

“Whit dae ye think ye’re doin?” The dwarf forcefully said. “That’s a person not a slab ‘o meat fer yer personal fun.”

The mage ignored the dwarf and his angry shouts and took a good look at the dagger. “He’s dead and nothing I do now will change that. What I can do is try and find out why he was killed now be quiet.” The mage snapped.

“I’ve never seen a knife of this design. This is too elaborate and intricate for a simple bandit to carry with him. Who was this gnome and what did he do to deserve being killed? So many questions that I don’t have answers to.” The mage thought to himself.

“This dagger needs to be taken to Stormwind and given to SI:7 so they can investigate it properly. I’m heading there and since I obviously won’t be getting any more rest tonight, I’ll take it myself,” The mage told the guard. Knowing that he was out of his element, the guard agreed.

“Ah’ll go with ye,” The dwarf said. “He didn’t deserve what happened to im.”

“I don’t have time to waste on taking you with me,” The mage answered.

“Ah dun care. Ye donnae even know his name.” The dwarf said. “Ahm coming with ye and that’s final.”

“Fine! But know this: if you so much as slow me down, I’ll leave you without any hesitation.” The mage reluctantly said. “What was his name by the way?”

“He said he was called Plazlo.” The dwarf said.

“Get your things, we’re leaving…” The mage said.

“Ye kin call me Oslis,” The dwarf answered as he gave a loud whistle. Suddenly a large wolf came strolling out of the woods nearby. “That’s me wolf, Bad.”

“Your wolf is named Bad Wolf?” The mage asked.

‘Ye got a problem with it, talk to im,” The dwarf said as Bad Wolf looked at the mage and growled menacingly.

“Get your mount; I don’t have time for this.” The mage said.

The pair rode through what remained of the night and reached the gates of Stormwind early in the morning. When they rode through the gates the mage looked at the dwarf and said “I have business that I need to take care of before I deal with the dagger. You can stay at the inn until I’m done.”

“Nae. We need ta take care of whoever killed Plazlo. That’s more important,” Oslis replied.

Will the mage take care of his business first or go to SI:7 first?


  1. We's takin' care of business, and workin' overtime.

  2. Take care of his own business which somehow upsets SI:7 meaning he can't easily go to them! Dun dun dunnnnn *dramatic chords*

  3. Well, I think I have to vote towards finding Plaz's killer as quickly as possible, so SI:7 it is. For some reason I feel a certain kinship towards this gnome.

  4. I think he should go straight to SI:7

  5. I agree, to S1:7 is the way to go.