Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Choose My Adventure!

Ok so I have some free time (read: I am bored as hell at work and want to procrastinate) and I figured that I might as well do something creative since I haven’t done anything truly creative in years. I’ve decided to write a story based in Azeroth and starring the best mage out there: MY mage Jedem. The twist here is that I am going to try out a choose my adventure style for this story. I’ll write something out and at the end of each part, there will be 2-3 options. People can tweet or comment me what they think the choice should be and that’ll be what I write next. I figure this way I’ll get to flex my creative muscles and work with whatever is picked to make an interesting story.

Our story begins as most do: in the midst of a rain storm.

The sentries standing guard outside town silently cursed the rain, they cursed the world for requiring them to stand guard, and more importantly they cursed the Marshal for choosing them over their fellow guards, to stand in rain. They were confident that nothing would try to attack the town because it was so close to Stormwind. Goldshire had weathered many storms worse than the mere rain falling; it had endured through the cataclysmic events caused by Deathwing, the attacks on Northshire Abbey by Orcish hordes, and even the reign of the gnoll Hogger.

Out of the darkness, a lone figure on a horse emerged. The person appeared to be slowly making their way into the town. As soon as the rider was spotted, the guards tensed up and prepared themselves for trouble. When the rider got close enough to one of the guards, he could see that it was a man wearing a heavy coat to ward off the rain. Such a coat could easily hide a weapon or two, so the guard approached the rider carefully.

“Halt!” The guard yelled through the rain. “What business do you have in Goldshire?”

The rider glanced at the guard and let silence answer for him.

“I said what business do you have in Goldshire stranger?” He shouted louder. His fellow sentry moved his hand down to his sword, ready to draw it in defense of the town.

“If you don’t answer me, we will make you answer,” The guard threatened.

“I heard you the first time,” The stranger answered. “Since when do simple travelers deserve to have their well-being threatened? Can not a man ride into this town without an armed escort? Have things gotten that bad in the world, that even Goldshire teems with violence?”

“You have yet to answer my question stranger,” The guard replied. “If your answer satisfies us, we’ll let you go on about your way. If it doesn’t we’ll take you to the Marshal and let him decide what to do with you.”

“Very well, I am heading to Stormwind, or I was until this storm strengthened.” The stranger said. “Now I’m just looking for a warm fire to dry myself off.”

“And what is your business in Stormwind?” The guard asked the rider.

“Now that is none of your concern.” The stranger snapped. “Now either let me pass or take me to your Marshal. I grow weary of answering your questions in this accursed rain.”

The guard stared at the stranger for a few minutes while deciding what to do. Finally he turned to the other sentry and said “Let him pass but make sure he goes into the inn and nowhere else.”

To the stranger he said, “You better make your way to the inn and when I finish my shift later, I’ll be dropping by the inn. I expect to see you there or you can bet that there will be trouble if you’re not.”

“I’m sure I’ll receive as warm a reception there as I did here,” the stranger replied. “But have no fear I have no intention of riding any further in this horrid weather.”

The guard took one last look at the stranger as he slowly riding towards the inn, before walking back to his position. He hoped that the rider would keep his word and not cause any trouble for the town. 

After seeing that his horse was stabled, the rider walked into the inn to find that very few people were out in the bad weather. A gnome sat by stairs reading a book, a dwarf was cleaning his rifle on a table alone, and a few off-duty guards were lounging around the common room. As he entered, they all turned to look at him for a few minutes before they went back to whatever conversations they were having. He quickly found the innkeeper and walked towards him.

“I need a room for the night and a drink,” the stranger said.

The innkeeper took a long look at the stranger before replying “Well mister, it seems that the odds are in your favor. We have one room left and from what I can smell, dinner is finally ready to be served. I don’t know you and I don’t trust you so you’ll have to pay for both upfront. If you’re still here in the morning, you can have breakfast on the house. Is that good enough for you?”

“I suppose I don’t really have much of a choice do I?” the stranger answered as he dug a gold coin out of his bags and threw it on the counter. “That should more than cover a night’s stay, dinner, and breakfast. If it doesn’t than you are over charging and we might have to have some harsh words about it. I don’t need nor want your trust; I just want to be left alone.”

The innkeeper picked up the coin and looked it over to make sure it was real before putting it away. “I’ll get you something to eat and drink. Have a seat and it’ll be brought over to you,” The Innkeeper told the stranger. “By the way, do you have a name or should I just make one up for you?”

“My name doesn’t matter. The only thing that does matter is that my money is real and that I want my privacy. Now get me my drink,” the stranger angrily said. He walked toward the common room and picked a table that left his back to the wall. He sat down and casually looked around the room again. The off-duty guards had not moved much and judging from the empty tankards of ale on their table, they would not be going anywhere anytime soon. The dwarf had stopped cleaning his gun and look in his direction. Their eyes met and each gave the other a silent nod. The gnome had stopped reading his book and looked at the stranger with interest. He smiled at the stranger.

The stranger has three choices here: Talk to the Dwarf, talk to the Gnome, or sit and wait for his drink/dinner.
Please leave a comment with the option you want to happen in the comments.


  1. I pick talk to the gnome!!

  2. I'd say go back and give the guard what fer, but since that isn't one of the options then he should clearly talk to the gnome.

  3. He would wait for dinner. He wants to be left alone.

  4. He should go talk to the gnome, i bet her name is trixxxy.

  5. Clearly he would wait for his dinner before he started some sort of shenanigans