Thursday, April 15, 2010

The truth about Totems!

So I haven't been able to really post too much about my sexy shaman Rhommel lately because I've been so busy leveling him and also because of RL getting in the way. But I'm a mere 3 levels from being able to enjoy the wondrous, amazing, spectacular zones of Outland, with its amazing quest rewards that put anything I am wearing to shame! GO GO GRIND FASTER!!!!

Well in between the last shaman post and this one I've run...a lot of random dungeons...A LOT! I've been in some pretty fun groups with people who made the runs fun and I've been in groups with complete morons pulling everything by accident and wiping us for no reason other then the fact that they claimed to be bored.

Here's a few groups who particularly stand out in my mind:
1.  Uldaman - a 38 hunter is doing the least damage in the the tank is out damaging him by a ton and a boss drops mail shoulders. Now being a shaman I can also wear mail at 40 like a hunter and we both share the same stats on gear. I win the need roll and he instantly turns into a 5 year old and begging me for the shoulders and how I should give them to him because he really really needs them. Well I explain to him that:
1. he can't equip it yet so he doesn't need it that badly.
2. I can use it just as much as he can.
3. I won the roll so I am not giving them up
His response to my logic is..."I need them really bad and I can wear them at 40" and then he proposes that we reroll for them. At this point the healer tells him that he lost the roll and should stop whining. The hunter apparently gets offended and calls us the "wirest" group he has ever been with and then proceeds to call us bad names and drops group.

2. Random instance that I can't remember - A pally tank is running around with a 2 hander, which at late 30s and early 40s is not a good idea compared to the earlier levels. So he is running around trying to grab mobs and hold agro and of course he is failing at it. I end up tanking a few mobs and decide to inspect the tank...who is not only tanking with a 2 handed weapon...he is doing it as HOLY! That's right a holy paladin trying to tank with a 2 hander. We finish the instance with everyone but the tank tanking.

3. Random instance that I can't remember as well - Another pally tank...with a 2 hander...but this one was...wait for it...ret spec. Not only was this guy ret...but he didn't even have seal of he could hold agro on one mob as long as no one sneezed at it or even looked in it's direction. When I told him he should think about picking it up to increase his over all dps...he dropped group but not before whispering me all sorts of obscenities about my dental hygiene and implied that I consorted with my sister. Oh and he stated that I was a redneck.

4. Zul'Farrak - I get into the group and we have a druid healer which means Mark of the Wild for me, yays for more agi/str! Well after a few pulls I noticed that I still dont have mark from the druid so I ask nicely for it. I am ignored at which point another dps asks for it. The healer responds with "you're not tanking so you don't need it" to which we replied (after a minute of stunned silence) that we need it to up our dps just a tad bit more. He then drops the bombshell question on us "what dps gain do you get from armor?"Yes that is correct, the healer had never read his mark buff after he first got it way back in lowbie starter days when it did indeed only increase your armor. We explain that it also increases your stats after the first rank...and yet still we don't get the buff. Guess the healer was so embarrassed or mad about it that he refused to buff us.

5.  Zul'Farrak - Got into another ZF run and its going pretty smoothly so far. Clear to the first fork in the instance at the fountain. Suddenly the tank dings, which is always a good thing for any lowbie. He then drops group and takes the healer with him...mid fight...with mobs on the dps. We barely down the mobs without dying and then spend a few minutes cursing the tank and healer for being so selfish. Group naturally falls apart at that point since the other dps don't want to spend any more time in queue for another tank and healer.

Those are just the groups that immediately come to mind, I know I had more groups that were blog worthy. If I can come up with any more I'll make with the posting.

While writing this blog I've been taking a few WoW breaks here and there and I am now in Outlands! Woots!

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  1. Woots grats on reaching OL.

    Failpugs always seem to stay with us more then good runs. Good stories, especially showing how some people real fail at playing their class in a group setting.

    I guess it helps knowing every class ;).