Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More class previews

So...how bout those class previews...that I didn't get around to reviewing...at least I have a good excuse! I was busy dinging 53 on my shaman Rhommel! Clearly that should buy me a little slack! Anyway back to the previews:

Heroic Leap = jumping charge + thunderclap + warstomp = content Jed on his warrior!! MOAR PLXX!
Heroic Strike no longer on next swing = yays! Heroic strike doing more damage the more rage you have is even better.
Dual wielding one handers as fury = interesting, its a nice throwback to burning crusade days and it will help arms warriors actually get a 2h over a fury warrior.

Redirect = Woots for not losing combo points on a mob about to die! Nothing worse then losing a 4 or 5 combo stack because a mob dies before you can do something with those points.
Smoke bomb = Nice and sexy new tool to help tanks pull casters without having to run up to them and manually interrupt them. Should be interesting to see how this is balanced in arenas too.
No more weapon specialization talents = bold move by blizzard.

Death Knights:
Outbreak = Awesome for getting agro on a mob that is beating on a healer or dps who are too quick to generate threat/dps, especially when your taunts are on CD.
Dark Simulacrum = DK's are now blue mages? Being able to copy and steal a casters next spell sounds pretty cool but it'll be interesting to see it actually work.
Only having blood tanks = sad Jed. I love my frost DK and wouldn't trade him for anything and this move seriously makes me sad. Guess blizzard is tired of trying to make all three trees tank viable.

Cobra shot = yays for BM getting a new ability to spam instead of steady shot!
Trap launcher = kind of lazy there blizzard, taking an ability hunters already have(freezing arrow) and making it usable with all traps.
Camouflage = A new FD/shadowmeld type of ability. Could be cool or could only be useful for pvp, gonna have to wait and see on this one.
Pet management changes = WOOTS for not having to go back to town to change out a pet if your Call Stabled Pet ability is on cd. Even better because now my hunter can actually get some more spirit beasts to show off in dal!

New abilities are kind of blah so far but at least they aren't as bad as the new lock abilities. The change to Tree of Life make me sad face. I LOVE my tree form in raids and only being able to use it when I pop a cd doesn't make me happy.

Flame Orbs = Can't wait to see this move in use! It sounds pretty cool.
Time Warp = HEROISM or BLOODLUST if you're horde. WOOTS! Not every raid has a shaman but most will have one or more mages so giving them a heroism type ability is awesome! I plan to make a Rocky Horror Picture Show macro for when I use my Heroism!
Wall of Fog = Who needs a knockback when you can slow down anything agroing onto you so the tank can get it back before it kills anyone. This will seriously piss off people in BG's.
The changes to food at lower levels is kind of dumb to me but at least mages will be able to make an all in one food/drink to save on bag space.

Well that's about it for the class previews until tomorrow when Paladins get their review. So far I am looking forward to my shaman and mage the most with my warrior and rogue coming up after them. I really hope they don't screw up my paladin or I'll be a sad panda.

Oh and after the paladin preview I'll probably have another lowbie instance rant to post so all my blog readers(all 3 of you) can have something to look forward to!

- Jed

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  1. I've been sick recently and haven't been actively blogging so I will consolidate my respnses to your last few posts in this comment.

    Grats on the levels on Rhommel. It makes me wish I was leveling my Shaman instead of studying all the time, but considering I might not get a chance to level him until Catacalysm, I am looking forward to experiencing the new

    The class previews all look awesome so far. I also can't wait for the Paladin preview.

    The proposed ToL change has made me epic sadface also. My Druid is my main (read: only) character I play and the main thing I do is heal. ToL plays a major role in this. Heck, most of AoA probably only know me as one of 'the Trees' (hi PBNJ).

    Thrash will add a much needed new button to Bear tanking, woot! As for Stampeding Roar, the utility behind this ability in PvE remains to be seen.

    Wild Mushroom = Teh Lulz. 'Nuff said :).

    I'm looking forward to your Paladin preview review and stories from lowbie PuGs.