Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Flexin' with Jed

With the introduction of Flexible Raids, current content will finally be cross realmable. What does this mean? It means that if a group of friends on different servers want to raid the newest raid, the Siege of Orgrimmar, they can do so at a Flexible raid difficulty. You will still need a minimum of 10 people for the raid but you can have anywhere between 11 and 25 people in the raid. The flex difficulty will allow the raid to adjust how many people are in the raid instance. If you have 15 people and 3 have to go for whatever reason, the raid will compensate for having 3 fewer people and adjust the raid difficulty. This means that unless it's a tank or healer that has to go, your raid will be able to continue clearing trash/bosses without missing a beat because the raid will adjust to however many people you have left in the raid.

Why am I going on about flex raiding once again when I wrote a huge blog post about it already? Well I bring it up because my guild, Avengers of Azeroth, is looking for more people to fill out our flex raid team! That's right you can raid current content along side your favorite slacker Mage! (ME!)

Our info:
Faction: Alliance
When: Wednesdays/Sundays* 5-8 PST *Sunday date added because people are enjoying flex raiding!*
Classes needed: DPS, Healers, and possibly a Tank(we have two atm from my guild but I'd gladly switch to my mage and DPS!)
Other info:
You must have a 500 equipped ilvl for your relevant class/spec.  
Ventrilo is also mandatory.(you don't need a working mic, you just need to be able to get in vent and hear instructions)
You must have a sense of humor!
You must be willing to wipe a few times without raging and dropping group! (It's a new raid and we will all be learning it as we go along so chances are some wipes will happen)
You must be able to take instructions and follow them.

While this raid difficulty is a more of a community activity and is slightly easier than normal raids, it is still a raid. The goal is to have fun and if possible to down bosses! Everyone will need to pull their own weight and hustle when needed. We will try and provide feasts but everyone is responsible for their own flasks, gems/enchants, and other consumable.

I know some of you out there are wary of raiding either due to bad experiences in the past or because you are afraid that you'll get yelled at and treated like crap in the raid. The way I raid lead is to NOT yell at people when things go wrong and I don't belittle my raid members. I don't believe that is an effective raid leadership method. If you show up to the raid you can expect to raid in a respectful environment with no hateful language. We are adults so some cursing may happen and some raunchy humor may occur. If you have any issues with anyone else in the raid because of something someone said or did, you can let me know and I will do what I can to handle the situation.

If you show up to the raid I expect you to be raid ready. That means that all your gear is gemmed/enchanted/reforged before the raid, all your gear is repaired, and it is all correct for your spec. With the 500 ilvl requirement everyone should be able to DPS, Tank, or Heal to the best of their gear/skill. If you are not able to keep up with the rest of the raid, we may make suggestions on how you can improve BUT it will be done in a respectful way. Constructive criticism is only good if it's done constructively. No one will be called out for sucking at healing/dpsing/or tanking like often happens in the LFR.

Transmogs will be judged and if they appear to look nicer than my own, you may be docked 50 DKP!

Loot will not be an cause of drama since the loot will be done like it is in raid finder, individual rolls for gear. This means that you can't get mad at someone because they keep winning all the loot that you wanted. Well you can get mad but it should be at Blizzard and not the individual person.

It's going to be a fun time and I hope to see many of you in my flex raid as we down bosses, get loot, and have a good time! If you want in please either comment here with your spec, armory link, and btag or you can tweet me it! @Jedsblog

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