Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Impressions of the Beta

*This is will not be a spoiler filled post! This will be about my experience on the beta so far! I will do my best to avoid spoilers!* 

So...I got in the Beta about two weeks ago...and only a few gnomes were lit on fire and launched at the Blizzard offices. I actually got in not through Blizzards random key handout but through a website contest that was giving out keys to the beta as the prize! Now I rarely win things and for me to win a beta key...I was so shocked. It sadly made for a LONG day at work on the day I won since I got the email with the key in the morning before I left for work. Being the huge geek that I am I left it downloading so that when I got home it would be ready to play.

Well of course character copying was broken so I sadly could not start questing at 80. Don't feel too bad for me though because I made a worgen rogue! Honestly apart from a few slight bugs,(like a missing cinematic) the starting worgen zone is awesome! Questing through the new Westfall and Redridge zones is really amazing and storywise, it is great to see characters in these zones move forward in their lives in game. Questing was pretty fun and seeing how stuff has changed made me want to play the expansion even more.

Last week they finally allowed us to make premade 85s so I quickly made an 85 gnome priest and spec'ed disc because I figured it could be fun. I then made the mistake of getting into an instance as a healer...having never healed on a priest before...ever. Technically my spriest has healed before but its usually when the healer dies and I'm still alive and switching into heal mode before going oom which is not the same thing as actually healing. I gotta tell you...healing is hard when you don't know the class that well lol. I know, that's a common sense thing but hey I was just excited that I could finally try out the 80+ stuff! I got into the Stonecore and I was doing okay on trash for a little while until we stopped CC'ing for some reason and then it got very tough. The first boss was a nightmare for me because I didn't know my heals that well, the dps were nubs who stood in stuff, and the tank didn't have the best tanking gear. I kept going oom and thats when people started dying. Thankfully we had a boomkin who could innervate me and we eventually killed the boss...as everyone died. Now at the time I didn't know that the instance hadn't been itemized so there was no loot on the boss. I was really mad because we spent so much time and effort trying to kill the boss that there was no reward for it. Well anyway we tried to move on but then the server did what all beta servers do...and crashed a few times and we all split up and went our own ways. It was definitely an eye opener trying to heal and going oom so fast but I enjoyed it and I still plan on having several healing characters at 85(including a gnome priest) when the Cataclysm finally happens.

I will try to write some more of my Beta experiences this week for you all and I will do my best to keep it all spoiler free.

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